The Sherp is back, helping you budget a plan to head to a music festival you love all the way from India. And this time it’s for Ultra Music Festival Miami. 

Given the overwhelming response we received for our Coachella budget plan, we’re more than convinced that us, Indian festival lovers, would love to head westwards to our favourite music festivals, given the right guidance. And The Sherp is more than happy to make budget plans for every music lover there is, chipping in for the electronic dance music fans for this piece. If Ultra Music Festival Miami features on your bucket list, this is the guide you need.

Ultra Robert Giordano 2(Source: Robert Giordano | Ultra Music Festival Facebook) 

Miami is the undisputed party destination of the world, and with the festival being held there, the Ultra Music Festival Miami is one big affair. This year, the festival features the world’s most wanted djs and producers, such as Avicii, Armin Van Buuren, Afrojack, Dubfire, Hardwell and Knife Party among the more mainstream names and Kygo, Chet Faker and Caribou among the experimental one making it as established a lineup as it can be.

If you’re itching to go to the festival, held from March 18 to 20, or even if you intend to go to Ultra Music Festival next year all the way from India, then this plan will be your method to the madness.

1. Ultra Miami tickets fly off the shelves, but for the 2016 edition – there still is some hope.

Tickets for Ultra Miami, like other big festivals are announced for the next edition, right after the last edition ends. These come at a price of $324.95. Ultra Miami also has a handsome payment plan where the ticket can be paid for over 5 months, but it is unfortunately restricted to only citizens of USA. But coming back to the 2016 tickets, which, while sold out, can be purchased on ViaGogo where a three-day General Admission pass can be bought for about INR 40,000.


On the Ultra website, the VIP tickets are still available, and should you be in the position to splurge, you can get them directly from the site for $1,249.95, which would come up to INR 86,000. A VIP ticket will secure you a meet and greet with the artists as well as preferred positions at all the main stages, along with food and drink services.

2. It’s a given that tickets to Miami from Mumbai would cost you much less if you book them in advance, but if you were to book the tickets now, you can get them at an average price of INR 75,000. With just a month and two weeks to go for the festival, and with the amount of traffic heading Miami’s way in the coming months (since it’s the destination’s peak tourist season), it may not be such a bad deal. If you’re lucky, you might find yourself a ticket for as low as INR 60,000. 


3. Miami is one of America’s hottest destinations, and staying at Miami is undoubtedly expensive, unless you play smart. 

Unfortunately or not, Ultra Miami does not include camping, and that leaves you to fend yourself. Of course, Miami has a line of luxury hotels, each charging a bomb, but if you decide to bunk at a dormitory style room, you could find yourself a bed for as much as $40 or INR 2800 a day. But, some hotels in Miami, give out doubles for about $75, or INR 5200, so if you’re traveling with a partner, you could always take that up. Alternatively, if you’re traveling alone, you can hit up a fellow lone traveler from any internet forum or group and rent a place together.

Should you want to do this for even cheaper, you can hit couchsurfing and hope that some benevolent Miami-zen hosts you during your visit. But you want to get this sorted at the earliest, because they would all be full in no time. Finding hotels further south of downtown Miami will make the travel from the accommodation to the festival venue cheaper.

Tip : Check our this article in The Guardian about affordable stay options in Miami. 

Ultra - Robert Giordano 4(Source: Robert Giordano | Ultra Music Festival Facebook)

4. Eating at Ultra Miami can be affordable, should you space out your meals in the right manner. 

Grabbing a meal before you hit Ultra Miami in the afternoon is always a good idea. The festival venue is a five-minute walk from the main market place lined by several restaurants, where you could grab a meal that will keep you going for the next few hours. Alternatively, you can also carry ready-to-cook meals from India, so you save up on the expenditure that food can be. The food at Ultra Miami is not very expensive, with you being able to manage small meals for less than $10, with beers costing you about $7. Ultra Miami has water stations so that would be a cost you don’t have to bear.

Ultra - Robert Giordano 6(Source: Robert Giordano | Ultra Music Festival Facebook)

5. Traveling around Miami is best experienced on public transport, so stick to that. 

If you’re looking at saving money, then traveling through Miami in public transport is your best bet. Ditch expensive cab rides for buses or rent cycles to explore the beautiful city by the morning. All this, along with the festival excursion will leave you pretty exhausted, so make sure you rake in food and water at regular intervals.

6. The Ultra Music Festival App is extremely helpful, so make sure you have that stored.

Not only does it give you the map of the venue, and set schedules, but because of its Facebook and Twitter integration, you will be able to communicate with other fans from around the world, making it easy to split charges, and experience the festival together.

Robert Giordano Ultra(Source: Robert Giordano | Ultra Music Festival Facebook)

7. Overview

With the airfare costing you about INR 75,000, tickets for another INR 40,000, and stay  for about $200 for four days or INR 13,000, including daily expenditure which can be managed at about $70 or INR 30,000 for four days, you can get yourself an Ultra Music Festival experience at Miami for under INR 1,75,000 at the very least.

Granted the best things in the world come at a price, but the experiences surely are priceless!

Ultra Robert Giordano 3(Source: Robert Giordano | Ultra Music Festival Facebook)