Whip out your piggy banks, people. Shit’s about to get real. 

Saving money to get to the festival you want to is not an easy task. The Sherp recently talked about how a college student was willing to survive on ramen noodles to save up for festival tickets. Well, The Sherp has a few more hacks that will speed up the process for you. Take a look!


1. Beg, borrow, and steal the festival tickets.

Awaken the freeloader within you.

money please


2. Live in solitary confinement.

Because things like the internet and other people tend to cost you money in the long run.



3. Alienate all your friends.

Just until you save enough money. Going out and having fun with friends is a luxury you’re going to have to give up if you’re going to make it to the festival of your choice.

giphy (10)


4. Sell your kidney(s).

You really don’t need them both, anyway.



5. Use newspaper instead of tissues, toilet rolls, duvets, and sheets. 

Newspaper is much cheaper than the aforementioned amenities. If you’re a woman, this means giving up on sanitary pads and tampons too. You’d rather catch a disease and go to the festival than lead a healthy life, anyway. Score.



6. Auction your belongings.

Shoes, clothes, computer, give it all up.



7. And your family members.

You can finally get rid of that annoying cousin of yours.



8. Try to get someone rich to adopt you. 

We hear temperamental adults are in high demand for adoption. Not.



9. Commit a great felony or arson. 

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Remember: kidnapping is a great way to get ransom. Anything short of murder is excusable.



10. Or, you know, starve yourself.

Survive on water. Skinny is the new sexy. Be like these guys.



(All GIFs Via: giphy.com)

(Note: Do not try any of the things mentioned above IRL. This post is meant to be satirical, obviously. We do not condone self-starvation or anything of that sort. Peace, folks.)