There have been exciting updates in the world of festivals this week. From Diplo announcing a Major Lazer tour in 2016 to the Johnnie Walker – The Journey lineup being announced, it’s been a pretty eventful week. Here are The Sherp’s top picks!


1. Major Lazer To Tour India In 2016


In a reply to a tweet, the Major Lazer and Jack U frontman Diplo revealed India may be treated to his presence early next year. Know more HERE.


2. Sherp Interview : Skrillex


From Sonny Moore to vocalist of a post-hardcore American band to now, the biggest dubstep producer in the world, Skrillex is easily one of the most revolutionising artists in the music industry. Read the interview HERE.


3. Food And Drink Festivals In India You Have Got To Try!


There are some fantastic and delectable food and wine festivals that India plays host to, throughout the year. Read more HERE.


4. Here Are The Celebrities Spotted At Oktoberfest 2015


This year, we spotted Ranbir Kapoor, the Bayern Munich Team, and other celebs having costume and beer-filled fun at the festival. See more HERE.


5. Giorgio Moroder, Explosions In The Sky, Tycho To Play At Johnnie Walker – The Journey


Johnnie Walker – The Journey is back in Mumbai for its third run, and the lineup is pretty damn brilliant. Check it out HERE.


6. Seattle Has A Porn Film Festival, And It’s As Wacky As It Gets

HUMP! is an annual film festival that began in Seattle, and as the name unabashedly suggests, it’s all about porn. Know more HERE.


7. Why Attending A Festival In Rajasthan Is Music And Travel Rolled Into One

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The Sherp looks at all the various activities that can be a part of itinerary if you were to attend a music festival in Rajasthan. Read more HERE.


8. DVBBS’s Tour Manager Hid Weed Up His A** at Ultra Music Festival


The newest guests on the show “College Weekly Live”, DVBBS decide to tell the hilarious story about the time their tour manager sneaked weed into a festival by hiding it up his ass. Know what it is HERE.