Dutch health officials and Amsterdam Dance Event have issued a red alert to warn people of these potentially dangerous pills.

According to the Dutch Health Institute Trimbos, the pills bearing the Amsterdam Dance Event logo are doing the rounds in the country prior to the much awaited event. Warnings are being issued about the pills because the dosage (300 mg or possibly more in some) is extremely high and varies from pill to pill. They are yellow in colour, and square-shaped, with the ADE logo stamped on them.

(Image via: thump.vice.com)

The dosage of MDMA in these pills can vary from 125-300 mg, but the red alert has been issued by Trimbos as a precaution, and is fully supported by Amsterdam Dance Event. They also make it very clear that they are in no way affiliated with these tablets.

“We support the Red Alert of The Trimbos. We are shocked by this pill with our logo that might endanger the health of people. We are talking to the experts continuously and support them wherever we can. We don’t have to emphasize that we are not involved in producing this pill. We say no to drugs, especially since the health of people is at stake.”

(Image via: mixmag.net)