It’s winter, and therefore, it’s festival time at India’s hottest beach destination – Goa! And The Sherp is here to ensure you make the most of it.

In the next few months, Goa is the place with it all – the perfect weather, the vacationing tourists, season offers, and, the best thing that would pull a music lover in, music festivals. It’s an enticing time to plan that much needed vacation to India’s favourite holiday spot, and if you’re headed there, we want to make sure that you have a well-rounded experience to boot. The Sherp is here so you can have the quintessential festival time in Goa

It’s a vacation, unlike no other

First things first, there is a reason Goa is as popularly visited as it is. The state is so well endowed, not only with beaches but with gracious cliffs, hills and forts. The landscape aside, the Goan culture is one where modernity and roots fuse to deliver an eclectic offering, one that needs to be discovered in the nooks and corners of the several tiny establishments around the state; where locals reside in colourful shacks and make merry. Be not fooled, for Goa is that one place where culture is as waiting to be discovered as discovered its beaches are.

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Shack it up for a unique beach experience

Little huts lined along beaches make for the best stay options, especially in the winters when its cold enough to stay in bamboo-lined homes. Skip the resorts and high-end hotels for an innate Goan experience, where the sound of music is enough to spring you up during the days, and the noise of revellers partying it up will be your perfect accompaniment into the night; even as the pleasant lush of waves keep you company throughout.

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Big-ticket electronic festivals for the enthusiasts

For fans of music, the next couple of months will greet you will a great range of music festivals across the state.

We have Sunburn all ready to kick off its 9th edition in the most ecstatic fashion, with perhaps the choicest lineup to great fans of electronic music. Over the years, Sunburn has become a well established EDM festival and has single-handedly impacted how India’s festival culture is viewed around the world.

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We also have Supersonic, which brings Candolim beach to life with its annual show of spectacle. Over the years, VH1 Supersonic has really upped the ante when it came to stage production and the artists it hosted, while maintaining its sexy, chilled out vibe.

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In addition to the major players, several other significant music festivals such as Hill Top and niche based festivals such as India Bike Week will unfurl in Goa to a host of enthusiasts and are worth every bit the catch.

Winter in Goa is one huge party hub

Ably giving the big guns company are small, locally organised music festivals that are to be found all across the state throughout the season, making your trip the perfect time to experience music and art across genres, making it the perfect time for new findings.

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Get the wholesome experience

It’s not just music festivals and parties that ought to keep you busy. Start the day with a dose of wholeness as you can begin each morning with special yoga festivals. Festivals like the Indian Yoga Festival, Bhakti Camp are organised in the month of January, and several low key spiritual exercises are schedules across the city for some much needed mind-body indulgence.

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Explore the city – the weather will never be any better

‘Tis true. Goa in December makes for day-long bike rides, instead of holing yourself up in a hotel room waiting for the sun set. Such is the weather. Pleasantly sunny. Make the most of it as you head to the forts and the undiscovered villages. You think you know all of Goa? You’re wrong. There is so much waiting to be experienced and discovered.


Binge on the local cuisine

You might be mistaken into believing that cuisine in Goa is the customary sea food and King’s beer. But as history, which as seen the Portuguese, and Hindu and Muslim kingdoms preside in Goa, the resultant delectable offering is one that prides its fusion properties, making it palpable for every kind of palate.



Make friends

Goa is bustling with enviable levels of enthusiasm during Winter. After all, the season does command the state’s most active period period. People from all walks of life, and from around the world flock to it for want of an idyllic vacation. Go on, engage with people, and build friendships.

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Don’t always be too drunk to experience things

Sure, Goa is the perfect excuse to binge on some good, cheap alcohol, especially of the local variety. And with every cafe serving alcohol aplenty, it might be an even more tempting offer. but hold your horses. There is a lot in Goa that is worth experiencing sober too, from treks to churches to lesser known villages. What we’re trying to say is that, make sure you make it to all the fine moments Goa has to offer.

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Stay safe, and have fun

A word of caution : As boisterous as Goa can be, it can also be a hotbed for things to go really wrong. Make sure to have the most wonderful experience, even as you have an eye firmly on the side.

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