While festivals are generally perceived to be a social gathering of like minded individuals, many people find themselves quite alone. This article is meant to find you your festival best friend. 

We understand when someone finds themselves loving a genre of music deeply, all by themselves. We’re pretty much also blessed with friends who don’t understand our fixation with electrogaze rap music, for instance. And if you’re one of those people who buy a festival ticket with no friends for company, and spend three (or some such number) days of the festival strolling the arena all alone, then worry not. The Sherp is here to make sure you have enough friends to boot. Here are the number of ways you can find an unexpected BFF at a festival!


Most festival ask of people to carpool together so as to conserve energy. These ‘carpoolers’ are often rewarded with cool benefits, like Coachella bumping them to VIP. Plus, if you’re alone, chances are that you will not only need a ride, but also company. Carpooling with a generous troupe with guarantee you instant friends right away, who’ll stick by your end till the very end of the festival.

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Camper’s social

The camping spaces at a festival are literally the hotbed for all social interaction. If you’re alone, you’re probably going to be camping by yourself, so haul yourself outside for some great community gathering. Involving yourself in random jam sessions in the night, or spontaneous games of beer pong. The latter will let loose any inhibitions you might have!

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Sidling up to the music junkie

If you’re one to want to be friends with people with the same taste as yours, then pay a lot of attention when your favourite artists take the stage. There will always be that one person so much more ecstatic than the others. Mouthing the lyrics, swaying a lot harder, and looking at nothing but the stage – that’s your person. And if you’re a walking know-it-all when it comes to that artist, it makes the conversations that much easier.

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App it up

There are a number of apps designed to get you in touch with the best friend you haven’t found yet. Apps like Glance and FanMatch are all there to help you get in touch with people with the same taste as yours. Sure, you might come across a bunch of creepy people wishing for a good hookup, but once you get past that, you might actually find someone who’s at the festival on their own too!


Food zone hopping

I am inclined to believe and this is debatable, that food zone is the area where people are at their friendliest. Good food never brings in an unhappy person. Striking up conversations when in a food line is quite the most possible thing to happen at a festival. Prepare to be invited to join their food table afterwards. And if you feel find yourself hesitant, jump to the next point.

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Bar hopping

Literally, the place to find lack of inhibitions. Everyone, with the exception of those puking, is an all-loving-musically-inebriate-happy-person. Making striking friendships so much easier. But, prepare to drink your heart out.


The “Loaders”

If you’ve watched Clueless, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about. The “Loaders” are the people with the stuff, who’re most definitely liberated thinkers, always willing to share. If you happen to be a Mary-Jane enthusiast yourself, you’ll know that no one is more likely to welcome you than a “loader”. Make no mistake.

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Crew-ing up

The festival crew is the one most amped up during the festival, with raging dramatic reactions to pretty much everything. They are highly stressed out after all. So if you manage to involve them in a conversation, you not only help ease their mood, but getting into the crew’s good books have various benefits. Backstage entry for starters, and access to information you would not be privy to otherwise.

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After party specials

The after parties are where the musicians, and the most vociferous of them festival fans descend to bring it all down. There are no shackles, none of the festival-binding rules. And the general atmosphere is consumed by the idea that that is the last bit of the festival to be experienced. So you will find people letting themselves all out. Even if you’re alone, get going to the after party and have some fun. You might just find a BFF lurking somewhere.

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