Two more days to the Bangalore edition of the Bacardi NH7 Weekender and The Sherp can barely contain his excitement!

In true Weekender fashion, this edition will include all the necessary prerequisites and more!

Artists you must check out:
The line-up for this festival is pretty damn great, but here are a few acts The Sherp urges you to check out.

The Manganiyar Seduction
If you weren’t at last year’s Pune’s edition of the Weekender, or if you were there and didn’t watch the Manganiyar Seduction perform – you truly missed something spectacular.

For those of you who don’t know, The Manganiyar Seduction by Roysten Abel is a production featuring 43 musicians from the Manganiyar community of Rajasthan, produced and directed by Indian director Roysten Abel. These group of folk musicians perform individually in cubicles stacked upon each other in a grid form onstage. Each cubicle lights up as the musician in it plays. The musicians sing in accompaniment to the lute, several percussions, and reed instruments.”

An audio-visual treat, yes? Don’t fret. Luckily for you, they’re back  this year and promise to deliver a performance of a lifetime. Make sure to catch them at the Dewarists Stage!

The Sherp’s a massive Noisia fan and is pretty kicked to see them live. A slight scoop – Noisia is an electronic music trio from the Netherlands that produce a solid variety of music from Drum and Bass, techstep, neurofunk and breakbeat. Apart from releasing music on major drum and bass labels like Bad Company UK, they have also received extensive airplay on BBC Radio 1. If this music is your scene, don’t miss watching them perform at the Eristoff’s Wolves Den.

And So I Watch You from Afar
Okay, this is one of the more obscure bands in the weekender line up, but don’t underestimate their music. This Irish band plays largely post-rock and write instrumental music with group vocals in parts. Think – Two Door Cinema Club. If you’e up for something new, catch them at the Bacardi Arena, this weekend!

Prateek Kuhad
News of Prateek Kuhad’s talent has been doing the rounds recently (along with Nischay Parekh’s). His music is a lovely blend of pop rock, poetic folk with acoustic beats. His lyrics heartfelt and sombre, reflect a very Elliot Smith sort of sound. His music comes highly recommended from The Sherp and he’ll be playing at the MTS Other Stage. Watch!

Okay this is going to be interesting. Pippin is a virtual music producer in an animated world. Inspired by Mount Kimbie, Flume and Burial; Pippin brings you a blend of 2-step, post-dubstep and indie tunes to delight the mind.”

Also, the guy is all set to debut his EP ‘1010’ with a live show AT the Bangalore Weekender. Apparently his music is bass heavy with lots of hip-hop and trip hop influences – which are all self produced i.e sung, composed and performed all by himself. If you’re curious to know what this experience will be like live, make sure to stop by the Breezer Dub Station. And in the meantime, check out his SoundCloud.


More than just the music…
The great thing about the Weekender is that it comes with various things to do, see and experience. Apart from just the music, (as you all already know) there will be a full fledged flea market or Bazaar at your disposal. As expected  there will be stalls offering a variety of clothes, kitschy stuff and unique accessories . For clothes and funky T-shirts make sure to check out Go YOLO, Plain White Tee and Sheep Stop, with a range of t-shirts; and Hello YellowDark ReflectionsThe Ribbon Factory and Happy Knots  for accessories. There’s also a PETA Youth stall, for festival attendees who’d like to show their support to the NGO’s efforts in spreading awareness about animal rights issues.

Food at the Weekender is always a spread –  You’ll be able to amply satisfy your cravings, From shawarmas to burgers and cupcakes. Check out Hot Rocks BBQ, Marrakesh, Chote Nawaab, steaks at Maria’s Goan Kitchen. Make sure you stop by Butter Side UP and Cuppycakes for your post -moshing sugar fix.

Levis Pioneer Studio
If you were at the Weekender in Pune, you’d know why this is on the list. The Levi’s Pioneer Studio is a THE COOLEST DIY T-shirt stall where you can essentially pick and printed you own T-shirt design. The Studio will also have various artists performing at the festival visiting the studio – so you could get to meet and chill with them and maybe even get your T-shirt autographed! Various LED screens placed at strategic locations around the venue will tell you everything you need to know about when these artists will be at the studio.

Shuttle Sevices
As the festival is taking place at the Embassy International Riding School, (which is on the outskirts of the city) make sure you DO have you traveling scenes sorted. To make things easier, these guys at Grallo are providing shuttle services to and from the venue. The Sherp highly recommends you make good use of the service, since it’s tough to find public transport in Bangalore post 8 pm.

Don’t have a place to stay? Don’t worry about it, Soundtrot will sort you out nice and easy. They’ve come up with some great packages catering to a more, “festival living” feel. You can now stay and travel with people from the festival, have in room parties, be privy to late night food – post festival, be provided with a survival kit and much more.


For a happier experience..

Stay connected: If you’re attending the festival with some friends, make sure you all have your cellular devices all juiced up. Finding reception while you’re inside, might be a little tricky so make sure you co-ordinate with your friends prior to the festival.
So download the NH7intown app to know about dates, schedules other general festival updates. 

Stay comfortable: This is for you ladies. If this is you first time to a festival, be warned there will be a lot of walking, jumping and running around involved. It would be wiser to come wearing comfortable shoes like flats or boots. Also, Bangalore gets pretty chilly in the evenings so there’s no harm in carrying along an extra sweatshirt or coat to layer up.

Stay Hydrated: There will be ample amount of water available at the festival. Make sure you stay hydrated, especially with all that moshing and dancing you’re gonna do.

Co-operate: No one’s restricting you from having a good time, but the festival comes with certain rules and regulations which are there for a reason. It’d be best if you stick to them, for your sake and others.

Have a bucket (or two): The Sherp has often made his love for the Weekender ‘buckets’ public. Which is why he requests you to have them too. It just adds to the whole Weekender experience!

Stay nice: What makes Weekender the happiest music festival in the country? You!

Where: Embassy International Riding School, Devanahalli

If you still haven’t bought your tickets you can get them here