The sculk sensor is an unusual block, to say the least, it is one of a kind. Never before has the sound mechanic been used in Minecraft in a way sculk senor uses it. The block is pretty simple, if you make noise in its vicinity, it’ll send a Redstone signal that can power pistons or any other Redstone-powered block.

Though the mechanic is good, many fans have been wondering, where do sculk sensors come from. And why do they share the color scheme with the warden and the end dimension? We’ve got a great theory for it!

Secrets of the sculk sensor

Sculk sensors can be found naturally, they grow from sculk, a black gooey material that spreads on the ground. This material lets the warden know when you’re approaching it, but why is it spreading and what does it mean for the overworld.

The end dimension has been a source of mystery for years now. The origins and future of the dimension are unknown, the only creatures that can cross travel are the enderman and the player, i.e. you.

The black sculk sensor grows in the deep dark, and the mob guarding the deep dark is the warden. And he has strengths similar to a mini-boss, so what is such a giant mob protecting?

It’s the gate to the end dimension, the end dimension will be getting a reboot in the next major update and maybe the warden is guarding the gate to the new dimension. Though nothing’s official yet, many developers have admitted to be working on new ideas to better the end dimension, so this theory just might be plausible.

What the deep dark is and what the warden is hiding is still unknown and we’ll get all the answers when the update is released.

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