Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shinning Pearl are just around the corner and we’ve more excited than ever. Ever since the trailer for the game was released, the fans have been freaking out. The amount of work put into the game is shown in the trailer. There are a lot of new features that have been revealed, and more will show up when the game is released. Till then let’s count down the top 3 we know so far!

New features in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shinning Pearl

Pokemon Follow You

The following Pokemon feature has seen ups and downs in the main series games. Sometimes we get the feature and sometimes we don’t. And frankly speaking, the feature is one of the best, it makes the world come alive. And Pokemon Brilliant diamond and shinning pearl has decided to incorporate the feature and it looks great!

Underground hideaways

Remember the underground in the original Pokemon Diamond and Pearl? It has got a major update in Pokemon BDSP. These caves will be the same as before, but better. There is a lot of minigame and base buildings. But what stole the show was the underground biomes. These biomes look beautiful, to say the least.

Character Customization

The original Pokemon diamond and pearl didn’t have an option to customize the characters, but the new version will have it and it looks great. It looks better than the customization feature that was in Pokemon sword and shield.

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