Pune is set to transform into a multicultural wonderland this June.

When you first hear about TSGW, the first thing that pops into your head is the UK based weekend, from which the Pune edition has indeed drawn a massive inspiration. Aiming to create a land of awe & wonder, The Secret Garden Weekend will challenge your daily mode of life and uplift your spirits by creating a hidden oasis of an imaginary world where everything beautiful co-exists and magical experiences pertain at each moment of your presence there.


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The weekend will take you on a wondrous ride & entice your senses of Sight, Sound, Smell,Touch & Taste with the theme & sheer quantity of activities that are going to be available for you to discover at this gathering.

Keeping music at the forefront of their focus, TSGW will feature some fine local & international talent on display which includes two stages and 30 hand- picked bands, live instrumentalists and performing artists from genres of new age Electronica to Indie to Rock. Here’s the current billing:

Live Acts/ Bands

Run Pussy Run, One Night Stand, Filter Coffee, Anushka & Group, Vedant Joshi + East Middle West + Jocelyn Media Quinter (representing TSM), Midlight, Kabir Rocks, The Spin Doctor, Soundbending Projekt, Cristabel, Jihaana, Sherrin Varghese, Bombay Bassment, Laxmi Bomb 

Electronic Artists

AK Vinagreta, M.Hat, Space Jam, Qwiver, Orbs & Zen, Oozeundat, Mr.Right, Bullseye, DJ Maddy, Sunny J, DJ Pramz, DJ Uri, KaleeKarma, Dr.Quake, Designer Hippies & many more acts to be announced!

Wine workshops, fragrance workshops, walks through endless serene gardens – these are just a few of the plethora of things you can try out at TSGW. You can check out the complete list of activities at the weekender on their official website HERE

The Secret Garden Weekender will take place on the 7th – 8th June at the Irish Village, Fatma Nagar, Pune & passes will be available soon. In case you want to pre order them, you can shoot in a mail to – info@thesecretgarden.co.in. Here’s how the pass prices will be broken down, make sure you don’t miss this one :