The year 2014 seems to be lucky for the Indian music scene, with some of our best artists playing at top-of-the-line music festivals around the world including Glastonbury, Global Gathering UK, Tomorrowland and more. And we just got word of yet another Indian – Jehan Johar aka Janux, will be joining this prestigious list with performances planned at Ozora and Hadra, two of the world’s most famous Psy-Trance festivals.

Jehan, who started his journey into the world of music way back in the mid 80s where he was a kid growing up in the early roots of the trance scene. He has been playing since year 2000, but before that studied the saxophone and was also in a jazz percussion band. After many years of experimentation, he eventually developed a penchant for what he called Tech Progressive, a hybrid between cutting edge indoor sounds and spacey outdoor sounds. His unique sounds have taken him around the world, playing to audiences in NYC, London, Amsterdam, Oslo, Nepal, Bangkok, Goa and pretty much the rest of India.

Demon J


Ozora Festival (July 29 to August 3): Considered one of the largest and most cutting  edge festivals in the psychedelic trance music scene, this six day mega event sees fans of the genre descend on Hungary in the millions. The festival features some of the biggest names in the scene and some over-the-top production that promises to make it a truly memorable event.



Hadra Festival (August 21 to August 24): Set in some of the most beautiful scenery in France, Hadra is one of the most sublime psychedelic trance festivals around. Having flourished to epic proportions over the years, the festival attracts some of the largest names in the scene to its stages, playing for thousands of psy trance loving fans. They have also thrown in some spectacular production for extra entertainment.


We congratulate Jehan on this achievement and if you are in France or Hungary when these festivals are going on, make sure you drop by and show your support.