Mobile casino gaming is on the rise in India. Numerous reports and studies suggest that internet casino gaming is now a billion-dollar industry in the Asian nation. Moreover, those studies seem to indicate that many Indians are opting to bet online via their mobile phones and tablets. How has mobile casino gaming risen so rapidly in India, though, and where is it likely to go in the future? This topic deserves a closer look…

Loopholes in Indian Gambling Law

One of the primary reasons for the rapid rise in Indians betting online is unquestionably down to loopholes in Indian gambling laws. While Indian operators are forbidden from offering their services to players in the sub-continent, there is safe playground or no such law for Indians playing at offshore casinos. Moreover, the Indian authorities for providing those services are not currently punishing those foreign sites. As a result, many operators (including the biggest in the business) have opened their services to players in India. Indians have naturally obliged.

All of the online casinos that are featured on are now open to Indian players are amongst the most reputable in the business and offer Free Mobile Games for Adults . These domains have also gone out of their way to cater to the masses. Many casinos now accept the Indian rupee currency option and are prepared to go the extra mile to offer gameplay in Hindi, perhaps even customer support, too. On top of this, some are now carrying India’s most popular payment methods, such as UPI, and make their bonuses and promotions available to Indians using rupees.

The Big Developers are Involved

Another reason for the sudden rise in mobile gameplay in India is the inclusion of top-quality casino games. Most of the major providers like Ezugi have ensured that their games are mobile-friendly. The same cannot be said of games produced by all the mid-ranking and smaller-scale software developers. Indians suddenly have an influx of the hottest, most popular slot machines and table games on the net, not to mention live dealer titles. This influx of mobile-friendly games, some of which carry multi-million-dollar jackpot prizes – has unquestionably played its part in spurring on Indians to bet via their mobile phones and tablets.

An Eager to Play Audience

As India’s economy grows, and many Indians become considerably richer, they are eager to splash their cash on hobbies and entertainment. One of the most popular forms of entertainment in the world is online casino gaming. Indians are looking for new ways to spend their wealth and having a punt on gambling games fits the bill. With a seemingly unlimited supply of top-quality online casino games and sports betting markets available at their fingertips, it is no surprise to see Indians betting more frequently via their phones.

Other Forms of Mobile Gambling on the Rise

It is not just online casino games which have spurned on the rise of mobile gameplay in India. Indians are also engaging in a variety of other gambling games. Cricket betting is huge in the country, and many leading sportsbooks carry all sorts of cricket betting markets, some of which also provide special offers T20 and Indian Premier League matches. 

Fantasy sports betting is on the rise in India, too. On top of that, India is home to over 300 million of the world’s online gamers. These are players who regularly engage in e-sports games, such as Call of Duty, and DOTA 2. Unsurprisingly, betting markets, which take wagers on these games, are now commonplace and many of those cater to players in India, too. This will also have contributed to the rise of Indian mobile betting.

How much are we Talking About?

Recent estimates value the Indian betting industry at over a billion dollars a year and rising rapidly. This is predicted to continue to grow over the coming years. As over 60% of Indian players and bettors are under the age of 24, there is still a lot of mileage left for these young Indians to bet online. As the industry grows, we can expect the generation following millennials to also be eager to wager on games. 

As India currently has no plans for stricter regulations, the markets are expected to flourish. Unless Indian decides to crack down on the industry, there appears to be little to interfere with this popular pastime. With mobile casino gaming snapping at the heels of traditional online casino gaming, it could just be that we are only seeing the beginning of the rise of mobile gaming in India and that much more is to come over the coming years.