Fantasy Sports has been around for over three decades and are gaining more players than any other platform. There are tens of millions of players who log in every day, in or out of season. Spending for FS topped $1.5 billion in 2013 and is still on the rise. As of 2020, the fantasy sports market is a little over $8 billion.

So, what makes this game so popular? What is it about Fantasy Sports that has got everyone to jump on the wagon? Lucas Goldberg, our project manager from Montreal, Canada, has offered to share his expertise with us today as he specializes in the top rated online casino reviews and other aspects of online games.

The Thrill of Control

If you watch a lot of football you’ve probably met that one guy who thinks he can play better than any team he watches. Well, now you can put him in his place. Fantasy Sports allows you to create and manage a team of your own. You can also get your daily updated sports news from

Pick any player from any league and build your fighting forces. The ability to put all your favourite athletes on to one team is one of the most enticing aspects of Fantasy Sports.

There’s also a psychological factor involved. In a general gambling setting, the more control a player feels over the game, the more they expect to win. When they do win, they would think highly of the game because they felt they had power over it.

Fantasy Sports players love to think they’re in charge of their outcomes, and thereby love the game.

Knowledge Pays

Football is a lot more than just a grunting contest and brute force. The strategic reasoning behind every winning play may have taken months of research. To manage an entire NFL team on your own would require some head coach thinking.

This is especially true when your team consists of players from different leagues. Players who want to win should know everything about their picks (athletes) and how they would complement each other.

Victory comes down to who’s done their homework and who does it better. When somebody wins, they know it was due to their skills, and that makes them feel good about the game. It’s one of the reasons why Fantasy Sports and its gaming associations don’t consider it gambling.