The ladies that attended the recently concluded Mad Decent Block Party (MDBP) at Toronto, Canada, turned out to be the real rock stars of the party. Here’s why:

1. Twerk-loads of fun

Think twerking is so 2013? Not these women. If the official pictures released by the MDBP are anything to go by, the trend of shaking your booty never went out of fashion since Miley Cyrus made it popular last year. The ladies at the festival took every opportunity to show off their moves, even on the stage or someone else’s shoulders sometimes.

Twerk2(Image courtesy: Thesupermaniac)

twerk3 the supermaniak (Image courtesy: Thesupermaniac)

twerk 1MDBP Shane McCauley(Image courtesy: Shane McCauley)

2. Match-making

And it wasn’t just the twerking girls that turned heads.  Some showed up in uniforms, too.

twerk8(Image courtesy: Thesupermaniac)

3. No identity crisis

When it came to wearing one’s identity on one’s sleeves, the women took the cake.

twerk 4 thesupermaniak(Image courtesy: Thesupermaniac)

4. They rode, and how!

The ladies at the festivals ensured that they got the best seats, even if that meant riding on their boyfriends’ shoulders.

twerk5(Image courtesy: Thesupermaniac)