It’s more useful than you’d think.


Come tomorrow,  5 1/2 miles worth of the Nevada Desert will be transformed into the famous Black Rock City (home of Burning Man) for a week. Around 60000 people ranging from musicians, artists, entrepreneurs, adventurers…and anyone interested in the celebration of radical self expression will descend upon the aforementioned city.

And while the festival or gathering might seem like the most appealing event to attend, Burning Man is not exactly what you’d call ‘easy to survive’. For one, it’s out in the desert, devoid of any internet or cellular service. Temperatures can hit 95 degrees during the day and it is a gathering based on self reliance – which means you will have to carry everything you need for a week to survive eg – food, water, shelter, clothes, transport, cats  etc.

Just to make things a little easier, the resourceful folk at Fest 300  recently created a very useful infographic that gives you valuable advice on how to stay safe and healthy during the week.

Bringing water and carrying band-aids just skim the surface of this infographic, with much more useful information about infections you can contract in the dry and dusty desert, precautions on keeping your eyes shielded in case of dust storms, how to avoid starting accidental fires and even some facts on the regrettable yet sexual abuse that has taken place at the festival over the years.

Take a look and be advised if you’re heading out to Black Rock City this week!

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