The Sherp’s got some exclusive scoop on the location of the Sahyadri camping festival scheduled for this March. 



The mystery surrounding the much awaited ‘Lost Party’ is slowly revealing itself, and The Sherp, as usual, is the first one at the scene of the crime. A little birdie told us that the Phase 2, Lavasa  is where this camping festival will be held this March. They recently posted a video of the location on their Facebook page, and our awesome deduction skills can finally conclude that The Lost Party will be the first multi-day camping music festival to be held at the valley near Pune



What we also know is that this 25-acre campsite would be overlooking a lake, and this patch is completely raw, and untouched with minimal human footprint. Also, this part of Lavasa (Phase 2) is absolutely remote and nothing like the rest of the constructed township. So if you’re looking for complete isolation, and a beautiful landscape to complement your peace of mind, we suggest you get registering right away.  Click HERE to do the same. Another birdie told us that this particular venue has been a very sought after festival site for the biggest of Indian and International festival properties, so stay glued to their page, they have many other surprises lined up for you.