What complements wine the most? Some good grub of course. Here’s a list of some the lip-smacking,delicious meals you can dig into at SulaFest 2015


The Food

1. Café Zoe for European and Italian

As a popular eatery in Mumbai, it is only apt that Cafe Zoe spreads some of it’s goodness across the Sula Vineyards. From great breakfast foods, to sandwiches, pastas, grilled meat and fresh and healthy salads, Zoe will have you sorted.

cafe zoe
(Image Courtesy : taste.com.au)


cafe zoe2
(Image courtesy : Cafe Zoe/Facebook)


2. Woodside Inn and Burger Barn for Burgers

Burgers, burgers and more burgers. If it is beef your craving, go no further. Woodside Inn’s legendary burgers will leave you wanting more.

woodside1(Image Courtesy : Woodside Inn/Facebook)


(Image Courtesy : mediumandrare.in)


3. Maroosh

A shawarma a day, keeps the munchies away.

shawarma(Image Courtesy : panewcastlecourse.co.uk)


4. Busago for Thai, Korean and Vietnamese 

Khow suey, Bulgogi and Banofee pie. That’s all you need in life, really.

(Image Courtesy : Busago/Facebook)


(Image Courtesy : Busago/Facebook)


5. Makaloo for Kebabs and Biryani

Indulge in some Indian flavoured meaty goodness, with the Biryani and Kebabs from Makaloo.



6. Soleil by La Plage for French Cuisine

At the recently launched Soleil by La Plage, Chef Morgan has prepared a menu with organic produce from Sula’s very own farms, offering a sit-down gourmet dining experience for the first time.

quiche(Image Courtesy : ferries-to-france.com) 


7. Annapurna for South Indian

There’s nothing like some hot idli-sambhar-chutney to relinquish any form of hunger you possess. It’s a perfect breakfast meal and can work really well as a post gig binge.

dosa(Image Courtesy : timescity.com)


8. 11 East Street Cafe for Chinese

We can all agree that Indian Chinese tops Chinese Chinese, any damn day. So much ajinomoto, such little time.

chinese(Image Courtesy : geocaching.com)


9. Urban Spice for finger food

Cornery_Popcorn(Image Courtesy : amigopopcorn.com)


10. Road side wraps, Cafe Bliss and Dominos for Mexican, rolls and pizza

cafe bliss(Image Courtesy : Cafe Bliss/Facebook)


11.  Nordic Candy, Brownie Cottage, Amore, Albion and Dairy Don for some scumptious desserts and ice-cream

brownies(Image Courtesy : www.shopage.fr) 



The Booze

Apart from wines from the vineyards of Sula, fest-goers can also enjoy a wide selection of libations from around the world by Sula’s import arm Sula Selections. Hardys are on board as a wine partner and Asahi Beer, Cointreau, Grant’s and Sierra Tequila will all ensure no one goes thirsty.


So head down to Nashik for the gorgeous SulaFest next month, to binge on all the food and wine you want. Get your tickets here!