Delhi’s very own independent music festival is back with a third edition – and it’s only gotten bigger & better!


The Gig Week (TGW) started out in 2011 as a youth collective with an intense love for music. It has now become a music platform that stages the new wave of upcoming indie talent in the city.

Over the years, TGW has seen artists like Dualist Inquiry, Blackstratblues, Skrat, Half Step Down, Junkyard Groove, The Doppler Effect, Shantanu Pandit and Urban Soundscape among many other talented acts. Venues have been packed with music enthusiasts swaying to the rhythms.

The week-long festival takes place across various locations in Delhi and will feature a varied mix of artists spanning a slew of different music genres. Managing Director of TGW, Anubhav Gupta, said that since there has been a larger focus on EDM all over, they will be including some of that in their schedule for this year, thus expanding further on genres.

Here’s the schedule and line-up for The Gig Week 2013:

Saturday, September 21: Out Of The Box Cafe, Hauz Khas Village, Delhi

Line-Up: Amartya Ghosh  |  Rewind  |  Kitchensink  |  Prateek Kuhad Collective

Entry: Free


Sunday, September 22: blueFROG, Delhi

Line-Up: Kraken  |  Trigger  |  Ebonix  |  Goddess Gagged

Entry: Rs. 300


Monday, September 23: Boombox Cafe, GK, Delhi

Line-Up: Takatrio  |  Perfect Harmony  |  Raagleela  |  Dhruv Visvanath Trio

Entry: FREE


Tuesday, September 24: Turquiose Cottage, Saket, Delhi

Line-Up: Snafu  |  Nice Weather For Ducks  |  Spud In The Box  |  The Family Cheese

Entry: Free


Wednesday, September 25: Raasta, Delhi

Line-Up: Curtain Blue  |  Two’s A Crowd  |  Tanktop Jimmy  |  Bay Beat Collective

Entry: Free


Thursday, September 26: Lodi The Garden Restaurant, Delhi

Line-Up: Kamakshi Khanna  |  RUN! It’s The Kid  |  Kavya Trehan  |  Nikhil D’Souza

Entry: Rs. 300


Friday, September 27: blueFROG, Delhi

Line-Up: Drawing Short Straws  |  The Lightyears Explode  |  Shaa’ir + Func  |  Pentagram

Entry: Rs. 600


Watch artists talk about The Gig Week during last year’s edition: