Shouldn’t festivals be just about the music?

 What happened at the Electric Zoo Festival in New York City over the weekend is a terrifying reminder of what can go wrong at dance music festivals.

We’ve all been told time and again to be safe and responsible at music festivals by not just our peers but also by some of our favourite artists. However, the sad reality is that most people attend these festivals for reasons other than the music. According to a survey conducted by MSN UK, 21% of EDM fans admitted to taking drugs at festivals which we all know is a gross misrepresentation of the actual figure.

In the wake of more than just a few deaths in the recent past due to ecstasy, it’s more than appropriate to watch this video clip. Kaskade, Steve Aoki, A-Trak and others urge festival-goers to be safe and responsible, and The Sherp couldn’t agree more:


And while festivals are supposed to be about having a good time and letting go, it would be stupid of you to disregard any safety measures or warnings that are given to you. Here in India, the festival season is just around the corner and let this be a gentle reminder of what you should keep in mind.

1. Keep your eyes open: Please be aware of what you’re drinking. Don’t leave your glass unattended and make sure you see your drink being made in front of you. (Even if it’s just soda or water.) Also it would be a good idea to stay hydrated especially with all the dancing you will be doing.

2. Be pragmatic: Stick to your group, even if they are slowing you down and make sure your phone is fully charged, just in case you do get lost.

3. Don’t fence jump:  Barricades and fences are there for a reason – your safety. Fence jumping might be thrilling but is it really worth the bodily harm?

4. Crowd surfing/Moshing: Moshing is understandably part of a gig/festival experience and we’re not saying you shouldn’t do it. However, if you do participate in some hardcore moshing, be considerate of the people around you who are not. Stay in the mosh pit and try not catapulting out of it.

5. Be calm: Just try having a good time without causing much trouble. Drink responsibly, avoid any volatile looking people and stay out of overly crowded areas.

Lastly, consider this –

In a letter to the editor of, Noah Yoo said:

“I’m not saying that we need to start a war on drugs – I’m no fool. I’m saying that there’s no better time to take a good, hard look at the way we view drug use in dance music culture, if only so that we might prevent future deaths from happening. It starts in the culture, and in the culture it starts with the DJs. Stand up.”