Begin the year the way a music fan would most want to – with four days of the best underground electronic music curated at the CTRL ALT DANCE festival in Goa!

The first day of this year onward, the stunningly beautiful Marbela Beach Resort in Goa, will play host to an eclectic curation of underground dance music artists for four days. Yes, India’s most contemporary electronic music festival, CTRL ALT DANCE is back. Curated by the country’s most well-known and admired techno act, Ankytrixx, the festival brings together local talent and legendary acts from the scene on a single platform; definitely a treat for fans of electronic music.

With a lineup that features acts across the spectrum, from genres such as deep house, techno and ambient, the festival that will unfurl at Morjim Beach from January 1 to 4 will be the perfect place to scout for new acts for your electronic playlist.



Here’s The Sherp picking acts that are absolutely unmissable.


Easily the most well-known and loved name in Indian techno, Ankytrixx, who will be performing at CTRL ALT DANCE and who doubles up as the festival’s curator, has been India’s shining torch-bearer for techno music. Having represented the country at the world’s most prestigious electronic gathering, Amsterdam Dance Event, he is the eponymous face of CTRL ALT DANCE, and one who will be the rite of passage to enjoying the festival.

Midival Punditz

Gaurav Raina and Tapan Raj from New Delhi have been part of the motley crew the led the great electronica revolution in India. As one of India’s foremost beat groups, Midival Punditz, they are responsible for having fused classical Indian sounds with synth progressions to create melodic, symphonic rhythms. There is a reason that the act is one of the most appreciated groups in the country’s electronic music scene.

Sanjay Dutta

One of the most prolific house producers in India, Sanjay Dutta’s two-decade long career is a shining testament to his status quo. The fact that the ‘God Father of House Music’ himself will be at CTRL ALT DANCE stands a good enough reason to not just miss the festival, but also Dutta’s act. From being an upcoming electronic music rebel in Kolkata in the 90’s to becoming India’s key face at global gatherings of music, Sanjay Dutta is truly India’s house music crusader.

Arjun Vagale

The man currently heads the DJ Mag India Poll for a reason, such is his popularity. Arjun Vagale is one of the country’s most notoriously liked techno producers for a reason, having performed at several global events, including the famed Amsterdam Dance Event. It’s definitely not worth missing a producer who has received genuine praise and awards for his proficient production skills .

Hari & Sukhmani

Trained Hindustani classical vocalist from the Rampur Gharana, Sukhmani Malik’s character-packed voice doesn’t fail to strike the right note as the audience levitates through their electro-folk musical experience. This combined with singer and producer Hari Singh, and you have a fusion experience that stands to be the best representation of India’s musical diaspora. With traces of Indian classical blending into ambient electronica, Hari + Sukhmani’s music resonates with their cultured touch.


With a sound that can be best described as minimal, futuristic and intelligent – Kohra or Madhav Shorey is the first Indian producer whose music hit the top 10 charts on Beatport, while also being signed by a couple of international record labels that include Trident Music and Sounds of Earth. With productions that boast of an organic landscape, and are as inventive as experimental and therefore stand as a his general style.

Ash Roy

As one/third of the now defunct Jalebee Cartel, one of the first and iconic dance music bands in the country, Ash Roy’s individual production and DJing is nothing short of awesome. His style ranges from minimal to tech-house to techno, with his music being released on some prestigious labels such as Trapez Ltd., Creepy Finger, Monocline, Buena Onda amongst others. With expansive and generous beat progressions, Ash Roy’s productions are immsensely catchy, even as they are unique.


Pearl’s career started off when she was exposed to the vast European clubbing scene back in the 90s. She then carved an unusual career trajectory for herself becoming a dj and promoter simultaneously, and booked her first artists from Europe for Indian shores back in 2001. Pearl began setting processes into place for every aspect of booking artists for this territory – whether it was artist contracts, artwork, remittances, licenses or promotions. She is now one of India’s most influential electronic music exports and entrepreneurs.


Praveen Achary

Praveen Achary is considered as one of the more established beat-droppers in the contemporary music scene and with good reason. An extremely diverse producer, his progressive house tunes have found relatability with electronic music fans from, not just India, but even consumers at global platforms. His productions bear influences that are intrinsically individualistic, but sit well together owing to the producer’s talent and skill for pushing forth cohesive tunes.