India’s creative game changers, innovators and aspirants will assemble at The Coalition 2016, which we think is a must for every enterprising individual. 

The creative industry in India is today at its most inventive best. Young, individual talents are ignited by entrepreneurial aspirations, and are revitalising India’s start-up industry. In such an inspired environment, there is a need for a powerhouse to bring together these unique trailblazers to birth a more cohesive dialogue to further the country’s creative energy. This is where the festival of The Coalition comes in, as it engages India’s most driven individuals in an ecosystem of discernment, growth and comprehension.

The Coalition 3

This year, The Coalition will be held in Delhi from March 4 to 6, where the crusaders of India’s startup movement will be in attendance fostering conversations about creativity and innovation. Founded by Only Much Louder, the team behind several successful ventures such as the Bacardi NH7 Weekender, Stage 42 and the Harley Rock Riders, and Do One Thing, India’s successful CSR advisor, The Coalition will be where the next bright ideas and collaborations take shape.

Explaining the motive behind the festival, Vijay Nair, CEO, Only Much Louder, says,

“For us, The Coalition goes beyond a just a platform showcasing creativity, it serves as a hub for inspiration, one that generates ideas, innovations, new technologies, and creative visions that drive progress. It’s time we stopped thinking of the term ‘startup’ as just something related to digital platforms and IT.”


Who is The Coalition for?

The Coalition is a festival that calls out to every creative mind of the country. You could be five years down your creative startup business, or a student with an entrepreneurial bend of mind. You could be a comedian, singer, designer, artist, writer, animator, gamer, chef, restaurateur, Youtuber or filmmaker. You can be someone with funding, or someone looking for the tools to implement your next big idea. You could be in any stage of your career, and The Coalition will be for you. It’s a place where ideas will be exchange, collaborations can be fostered, encouragement can be sought. It’s the festival to build yourself and your ideas to the scale they deserve.


Interactive sessions and more at The Coalition

The three-day festival is filled to the brim with activities that will engage minds from around the circuit. The many sessions organised will be demarcated as per the interest, from comedy, to publishing to digital media to music, photography and film, to design and so on. These sessions will be graced from leading creative minds of the respective fields who will discuss the streams in their entirety, covering its creativity as well as the commerce.

In addition to these talks, The Coalition will also host workshops, where young, emerging entrepreneurs can seek the advice of the many visionaries from their fields, and bring their ideas to fruition.

Furthermore, the festival also seeks to understand the larger social impact of the creative arts, and look at the many ways it can be encouraged. The Coalition truly is the most cohesive way to comprehend the country’s contemporary creative industry, and a way forward for India’s arts.


India’s creative elite will be in attendance

Some of the country’s most inspiring creative-heads and intellectuals can be found under the same roof at The Coalition 3, dissipating their mantras to effectual creative and financial success.

From publishing and editorial spearheads such as Urvashi Bhutalia of Zuban Books, author Vishwajyoti Ghosh, Brown Paper Bag editor Supriya Nair, Padma Bhushan award winning journalist Shekhar Gupta, Scroll journalist Samir Patil, Buzzfeed editor Rega Jha, The Quint co-founder and CEO Ritu Kapur, Yoda Press publisher Arpita Das, food writer Anoothi Vishal, among others


to musicians, music organisers and managers such as OML CEO and COO Vijay Nair and Ajay Nair, folk music extraordinaire Raghu Dixit, Dhruv Jagasia, musician Samara Chopra and manager Raghu Vaz

to some of India’s most popular comic figures, such as the four members of the AIB collective – Tanmay Bhatt, Rohan Joshi, Gursimran Khambha and Ashish Shakhya, Abhish Mathew, funny-woman Radhika Vaz, improv genius Kaneez Surka, the unpretentiously funny Kanan Gill,

to special-interest entrepreneurs such as Small Fry Co. co-founder Insia Lacewalla, Miss Malini founder Malini Agrawal, Pernia Qureshi, creative director of Pernia’s Pop-up Shop, photographer Shahidul Alam, St+Art co-founder Hanif Qureshi, chefs Karen Anand and Karishma Dalal, artist Shilo Shiv Suleman,

to several other leading figures of India’s entrepreneurial industry – including marketing heads, managers and co-founders. Every stream requiring creative energy can be found represented at The Coalition, truly proving the festival one real confluence.


What you can gain from The Coalition 2016? 


You will be audience to some of the most inspiring stories helmed by the country’s sharpest creative minds, stories that helped shape their journeys and the trajectory of their careers.


Be inspired by some successful entrepreneurs who beats the odds of the market and charted the way for a successful field – who proved that it isn’t the field that determines the success, but the passion and the hard work.



In the many talks and panel sessions designed for The Coalition is some well-meaning advice that the many speakers and curators will be more than happy to share. This advice will prove really meaningful for an up and coming talent.

Expert audience

At the panel discussions, you will have a chance to have yours ideas heard, understood and critiqued, which will be really beneficial for its fruition.



The Coalition aims to provide an environment where the industry can be furthered with possible collaborations and ventures, and being a part of the festival gives you a chance to be an active member of this.

Different options of passes are available covering the festival’s schedule, so make sure to buy them here and be a part of the movement.