The Lost Party 2016 is back with a fresh venue and a bevy of enormous artists to charm your pants off. 

The two-year old festival, which took place in Lavasa last year, is back with a new location and a tad more authenticity. With this year’s edition, the festival promises an authentic festival experience – free from the stresses of bigger festivals – and also to create an environment for alternate cultures to grow out of experimentation, innovation and participation. So prepare to experience the ultimate cohesion of music, art and culture that is coming your way this month. Take a look at a sliver of the many exciting things you should be looking forward to at the festival.


The lineup

Carefully curated to achieve both, the pleasure of fans and eclecticism, The Lost Party lineup does not disappoint. Featuring acts such as Donn Bhat + Passenger Revelator, Big City Harmonics, Curtain Blue alongside Karsh Kale Soundsystem, The Bartender and Swanand Kirkire with Kabir’s Cafe, there’s a whole host of names not often found on line-ups before like Oceantied, Spyrk, Disco Puppet, Burudu and more. International acts announced so far include Afro-beat surrealist dEbruit, German organic electro band Moglebaum, and Canadian funk duo, The Funk Hunters, Austrian act, HVOB, spoken-word artist Humble The Poet, German hip-hop electro swing act Lyre Le Temps, and rare groove selector from Reunion Island, Karl Hungus.

Here’s a bit more about the acts The Sherp is particularly excited about. Take a look.

Karsh Kale

One of the well-known musicians in the underground music industry in India, Karsh Kale’s music is a keen blend of electronica and fusion, with glimpses of ambient undertones. His live performances are famous for their cohesive deliverance and we truly look forward to seeing him at The Lost Party this year. Listen to his collaborative song “Hallelujah” on MTV Coke Studio below.


An electronic duo from Austria, consisting of Anna Müller and Paul Wallner, HVOB took the world of electronic music by the storm with their self-titled debut album in 2013. Although they’re relatively new to the music industry, the duo’s exuberance live is nearly unparalleled. Their sound is a unique blend of emotive and intelligent. Listen to their song “Oxid” below.

Humble The Poet

Kanwer Singh aka Humble The Poet is a spoken-word artist and MC from Toronto , Canada and BFFS with Youtube superstar ||Superwoman||. Humble has toured North America, most notably at Lollapalooza 2012, and recently made a splash internationally, performing at major festivals in London, Delhi, and Pune. With many fans in India, this is one of the most anticipated acts at the festival. This would be his second time performing at an Indian festival, and we’re more than excited.

Lyre Le Temps

A weirdly impressive act from Strasbourg, Lyre Le Temps should definitely be on your list of acts to watch out for. They define themselves as a hip-hop electro swing act, and that in itself should give you enough reason to check them out. Listen to their track “Looking Like This” below and prepare for their insane act at The Lost Party later this month.


Art installations

To make the experience more immersive and well-rounded The Lost Party has gone out on a limb to bring together some spectacular instyallations for the festival. Some of the participating outfits at The Lost Party are the Transhuman Collective, the multi-disciplinary collaborative project, which will help the festival curate artists from Mumbai, Delhi, North East, Rajasthan, Chennai, Kolkata among other places to set. There will be large-scale installations using sound and animation, recyclable and junk materials. Collaborative space Makers Asylum will put up installations and offer fun activities like 3D printing on site. Moreover, Rod of M.A.D Pogo turns his attention to adults for The Lost Party weekend and will present an installation of a massive galloping horse, called “The Ride”.

The Lost Party 2015 - 9


From martial art classes to acro-yoga and reggae aerobics, Lost Party’s activity roster is lit.

This year’s edition comes with a wide array of activities that promise to elevate the festival experience as a whole. If you need a break from the music and crowds, but don’t want to make your way back to the campsite yet, be sure to check out some of these organised activities at the venue. Such as activities are morning acro-yoga sessions, Afro-Brazilian martial art, capoeira classes, kalaripayattu workshops, star-gazing sessions, dance performances and DIY science workshops, and amusing stalls like a laughing gas stall, pillow-fight arena, a carousel to relive your childhood and foam-pit to vent your frustrations. For those itching to get moving, Mumbai-based studio Dance Design are offering sessions on reggae aerobics and will even teach you how to handle the fire-lit poi. Rod of M.A.D Pogo fame turns his attention to adults for The Lost Party weekend and will present an installation of a massive galloping horse. There’s a lot of stuff to rope you in apart from the music, folks.



The beautiful Salter Lake

With their smashing debut last year at Lavasa, the festival is all set to take it up a notch this year with their move to the picturesque Salter Lake, in the foothill of the Sahyadris, a few hours drive  from Bombay. At Salter Lake, creative communities from all across India will come together to build a space that will seek to inspire and invigorate festival attendees. Just 90 kilometres from Mumbai and Pune, Saltar Lake beckons those with an appetite for the unusual, and a much-needed break from the heat and urban life in India. So get your tickets for the festival ASAP for a truly cohesive camping experience, in the scenic heart of Salter Lake.

TLP Lake - 1


From luxury tents to sasta camping

All festival attendees will camp under a starlit sky but will have the option of choosing basic, glamping or luxury tents, or as the festival is calling them, ghar. Pitch-a-tent or Khud ka Ghar will cost Rs 2,424 while a basic tent for two (2 ka Ghar) with sleeping mats and bags will cost Rs 7,777 and Rs 11,111 for four. A luxury tent with beds will cost Rs 27,272 for two people and for Rs 36,363 for four people. For more info, you can head to the Lost Party website.


The Lost Party is scheduled to be held on February 26-28. Do not miss the action and grab the tickets for the festival here.