And it’s called Melting Man!

Over 80,000 people flock to Black Rock City in the Nevada Desert every year to experience art, music and community unlike any other. Every year, the playa is home to a whole lot of artistic, socially relevant, or just plain strange events and phenomena. Burning Man has been going on since the late 80’s, and liberal minded people have come together to create their own community.

“If they’re willing to spend a week in the hellhole that is the Nevada desert, surely enough they’ll do Saskatchewan in the middle of winter. When I heard about Burning Man, I thought how hard could it be to throw something similar on my farm in the dead of winter,” explains 74-year-old Vernon. “We just got to build a big snowman, let people melt it, and viola we got a festival.” Melting Man is scheduled for this month.

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There’s also going to be a documentary on Melting Man, focusing on the festival experience, and how hard it is to organise an event like this.