Gacha games have become a staple of the anime community. Almost every hardcore weeb plays a gacha and spends tons of money just to get some ultra-rare JPEG. The mechanics of the games are great most of the time and the collecting part of the game is the one that entices players to spend money.

We picked the best gacha games available to play on mobile, go through the list you’ll find something worth playing.

The Best Gacha Games available on mobile

One piece: Treasure Crusie

One-piece treasure cruise may seem an old game, but the developers never stop putting out new content for the game. The game has been going strong for years now, and currently, there are over 2000+ characters that you can collect!

Whether you have seen one piece or not, this game has great mechanics and relaxing gameplay. It is one of the best Gacha games made for one piece.

Sword Art Online Alicization: Rising Steel

Sword art online is arguably the best isekai to come out in this decade. The protagonist gets trapped in a gaming world and has to fight the various monsters to get out.

The game is based on the 3rd season of the game and has great battle mechanics. The graphics are great too.

Naruto X Boruto: Ninja Voltage

Naruto X Boruto is a new game that came out just some months ago, but it has managed to garner a great number of players in a short time. Every character from naruto and boruto is available in the game, and the mechanics are superior to every other gacha game on the list.

You can even defend and attack villages online, play with friends, use crazy jutsus to fight enemies. But there’s only one thing that this game lacks, the most well-known and powerful Jutsu isn’t available in the game, the sexy justu!

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