Over the last week, a multitude of fans and comic book enthusiasts descended on the Javits Centre of New York City to attend panel shows and show off their A-M-A-Z-I-N-G Cos-playing. Here are some of the best and more creative outfits that definitely upped the game

1. An ethereal Thrandil from The Hobbitcersei daniel zuchnik getty images(Image courtesy : Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images)
2. The not-so-little-mermaid

chubby aieriel daniel zuchnik getty images(Image courtesy : Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images)

3. The Power Rangers crashing Darth Vader’s pity party

darth-vader-crashed-this-power-rangers-reunion business insider(Image courtesy : Business Insider)

4. Disney Attack!

Disney attach daniel Zuchnik Getty images(Image Courtesy : Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images)

5. ”They made me do it”
donnie darko
6. A lot of characters at NYCC were gender swapped, a refreshing take we’d say. Say hello to Harley Quinn and his wife The Joker!
7. One of the best Harley Quinns at the fest
harley-quinn business insider
8. One heroes too many?

heroes nydailynews(Image courtesy : Bryan Pace/NY Daily News)

9. “Finish him!”

jade and subzero from-mortal-kombat-prepare-to-duke-it-out business insider(Image courtesy : Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images)

10. Super Smash Bros to the rescue!
need-some-saving-super-mario-sunshines-mario-and-luigi-may-be-able-to-help-you-out business insider
11. Poison Ivy

poison ivy bryan pace new york daily news
(Images Courtesy : Bryan Pace/New York Daily News)

12. The Mad Hatter, The Queen Of Hearts and their secret love child?

queen of hearts family elizabeth pierson mashable
(Image Courtesy : Mashable)

13. A bunch of Robins, just chillin’

robins daniel zuchnik(Image Courtesy : Daniel Zuchnik/ Getty Images)

14. Sailor Moon, represent!

Sailor moon elizabeth pierson mashable(Image courtesy : Elizabeth Pierson/Mashable)

15. Alice In Wonderland…the scary one

scary alice in wonderland timothy A. Clary(Image Courtesy : Timothy .A. Clary)

16. Silent Hill

Silent hill justing lane epa(Image Courtesy : Justing Lane/EPA)

17. Princess Peach looking cute as ever!

The Princess peach mario laura cavanaugh getty images(Image Courtesy: Laura Cavanaugh/Getty Images)

18. Thrandil and  Tauriel from The Hobbit
Thrandil and tauriel hobbit
19. Tinkerbell taking a break

Tinkerbell cindy ord getty images(Image courtesy : Cindy ord/Getty Images)

20. Best looking Arrow we’ve seen!

who-said-arrow-had-to-be-a-guy business insider
(Image Courtesy : Business Insider)

21. Wonder Woman, fierce as ever

wonder woman bryan pace
(Image Courtesy : Bryan Pace/Getty Images)