Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo has been dropping some serious dance-punk for a while now, having taken over the scene with his masked up appearance coupled with his addictive music. His anonymity notwithstanding, Sir Bob is notoriously famous for his remixes of popular tracks. The Sherp rounds up the best of the lot.


1. Refused – New Noise

Politically driven, Swedish hardcore punk band Refused have had their songs oft-repeated with their charged up tempo and their driving messages. Getting together with Steve Aoki, The Bloody Beetroots charged up the intensity to crazy heights in this madly fuelled remix. Can we stand up, and applaud loud?

2. Daft Punk – One More Time

Compatriots of the face-covering electronic producers club are the Daft Punk duo, with their synth-ed up, high-disco variants. Remixing them, The Bloody Beetroots clearly added a zeal that you didn’t even know you were missing until then. Taking one of their more underrated songs, One More Time, what we have here is a dance-y, up-tempoed version that makes you want to move those feet faster than you have.

3. Metallica – Seek and Destroy

Everyone’s favourite metal band, Metallica too couldn’t resist being worked upon by The Bloody Beetroots. Their night anthem, Seek and Destroy was adeptly acted on by varying glitch based sounds to give a track that is both chaotic, and moody. Taking a metal song and retaining its scene while lending it a step-up, The Bloody Beetroots did it right in III to Destroy.

4. Timbaland – Miscommunication

American rapper Timbaland’s Miscommunication gained notoriety for its passive chillness and the accompanying pop vocals. Reaching a higher altitude then the original even could, The Bloody Beetroots’ remix is a more spaced out, up tempo-ed version of the original. Just the song you want to include in your party playlist.

5. Benny Benassi – I’m not Drunk

Just another run-of-the-mill Benny Banaasi track, I’m not Drunk can be considered anything but stand-out material. An outlandish work of the same is The Bloody Beetroots remix, which is styled to give you the trip that needs no other help. It’s jazzy, slightly hard to keep up with, and makes you sway faster than the music you’re used to. And that’s probably the best part.

6. Etienne de Creçy – Funk

Etienne de Creçy’s neatly arranged track of myriad sounds, Funk is reminiscent of its name, stylistic and catchy. Lending it power is The Bloody Beetroots remix, that makes you wish you were spinning some serious beats yourself. Amped up, and on full blast, the remix is the kind of stuff you wish electronica concerts these days are made of. Lacking in spirit, absolutely not!

7. The All American Rejects – Gives You Hell

Gives You Hell, unlike its name, by The All American Rejects sounds like just the track you’d find in a movie about high school kids. It’s pop rock, sweet, yet holds credential. Ridding of its saccharine coated pleat, the Bloody Beetroots electro-remix introduces it into this tunnel of speed and darkness at the same time. The kind of high school, most of us had, basically.

8. MSTRKRFT – Bounce

While on the subject of electronic DJ duos who like wearing masks, MSTRKRFT (called Masterkraft, for the uninitiated), are a regular occurrence in the electronic dance circuits. Their Bounce, also featuring in 21 Jump Street, is that quintessential party track. Giving it a more stylistic twist, The bloody Beetroots remix gives  a bass-fuelled cracker of a track. Seriously, so gooooood!

9. Captain Phoenix – Pistols and Hearts

Little known British indie rock band, Captain Phoenix gained instant recognition with their heartbreak anthem that spoke of discord and hatred, Pistols and Hearts. Amplifying that addictive factor by a few thousand points, The Bloody Beetroots remix spaces out the vocals across worked up musical arrangement. Definitely scoring over the original.

10. Pink – So What

Pop star Pink’s So What was the definitive pop anthem for rebellious pop lovers. That was of course before The Bloody Beetroots packed it with power making it THE definitive party anthem. It’s so addictive. Trust us.



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Smirnoff Experience, 2015