Bestival has a unique culture around it, differentiating itself from other music festivals. They’ve picked up a habit of successfully attempting to break records with every edition, some of them even featuring in the Guinness World Records.

The huge, highly-successful festival happening on the Isle Of White, England, has been known for its different themes every year, and these records sometimes do justice to those themes. Take a look at all the instances where the festival, and its sister Camp Bestival have broken records.

1. Bestival 2014: World’s largest disco ball



Yes, that happened. To make your journey to the disco era as big as possible, Bestival in 2014 erected a giant disco ball 10.33m in diameter, making it the largest disco ball ever. Guinness World Records was right there to prove it. The ball was a part of Bestival’s ‘Desert Island Disco’ theme, so it makes complete sense that the guys over at Bestival decided to do justice to its theme.

2. Bestival 2015: Most buskers in one place

2015 saw more than 400 people performing ‘All You Need Is Love’ by The Beatles on the final day of the event. The organisers claim that the final number of participants stands at 446, but Guinness is yet to confirm the world record bid. The previous record stood at 384.

3. Bestival 2010: Most people in fancy dress costumes


(Courtesy: Bestival / Press Images)

They tried in 2005, and succeeded in 2010, when 55,000 people dressed up in fancy dress costumes and broke the world record for the most number of people dressed in fancy dresses at a single event. This one was a new Guinness World Record. It’s not surprising though, considering that Bestival is known for its fancy dress parades.

4. Camp Bestival 2013: Most number of paper planes

This was a part of the European promotion of the animated film Planes, and was attempted in various parts of Europe. Camp Bestival happened to be one of those spots, and at 10:30am, the main stage saw a flurry of paper planes advance towards it. Exactly 8080 people threw a paper plane, setting a UK record for the most paper aircraft flown at the same time.

We can’t wait to see what Bestival 2016 has in store for us this year!