Diplo is taking on the world of Internet from the driver’s seat, y’all!

We are still just trying to get to the weekend but already craving for more lists from the likes of artists such as Diplo! How nice is it to know that the artists you like are a fan of some other artists you may like? What’s even more reassuring is your source of inspiration talking about his inspiration. So, take it down, every Diplo fan out there!

We want our entire music industry to talk about their inspirations, taking a cue from Diplo. He took to Facebook on Sunday to explain which twelve albums inspired him the most through his high school years, a time which makes you or breaks you. For those who think EDM is not proper music, you can learn from Diplo’s wide spectrum of musical influence that made him create what he creates today.

Check Diplo’s Facebook post and the album links we have put forth for your easy navigation:

1.The Blue Album – Weezer (1994)

As Diplo explained in the Facebook post, “I didnt know I was into rock music but every song on this album I listened to over and over . Then guitar lines and Rivera voice were so on point to me.” We agree whole-heartedly. In the years since its release, The Blue Album is regarded as one of the Best albums of 1990s. It has appeared in many “Best-of” and “Must-have” lists by publications such as Pitchfork Media, Rolling Stones. It is the debut studio album by American rock band Weezer that became a certified triple-platinum in the United States and a certified double-platinum in Canada.

2. Bizarre Ride II – The Pharcyde (1992)

About this album by the American Hip-hop group The Pharcyde, Diplo said,”I had an obsession with west coast hip hop. And skateboarding ..everything from Tupac to souls of mischief . It was he production on the album that’s had me mesmerized .. how did u get so many loops in one song .. I even listened to the skits.” This is one of The Greatest Hip-Hop Albums of all Time, and had successfully mesmerized not just Diplo, but the best music critics too!

3. Endtroducing….. – DJ Shadow (1996)

The album is known for being a landmark work in the instrumental hip hop, being composed almost entirely of sampled content,which originated from various vinyl records and produced in the span of two years using just an Akai MPC60 sampler and has since appeared in several publications’ lists of the decade’s greatest albums. Diplo adorned his enthusiasm to become a producer to this album saying.”I wanted to be a producer once I heard this album and realized u can do anything with just some old records.”

4. Kid A – Radiohead (2000)

Diplo wrote,”they rewrote the rule book of what a band could sound like .. I would just get stoned and listen to this and always find new things.” There is no doubt that Radiohead really is the Best Band of all time, and Diplo approves. Kid A debuted at the top of the charts in Britain and went platinum in the first week, and also became Radiohead’s first number-one album in the United States. This was a turning point in the career of Radiohead, marking their departure from their earlier sounds to experimental post-rock and electronica, winning Grammy for Best Alternative Album.

5. E. 1999 Eternal – Bone Thugs-N-Harmony (1995)

Dedicated to the hip-hop group’s mentor, Easy-E, E. 1999 Eternal became their best-selling album and topped the US Billboard 200 apart from being nominated for the first ever Grammy Award for Best Rap Album. We are swooning over Diplo’s taste in music which he made it clear with,”I think I listened to this more.”

6. Bad Brains – Bad Brains (1982)

One of the only venues in my town beside under age night clubs was a church that had hard core shows . Florida had a big hardcore punk scene . I find out about bad brains and became obsessed with their movement and right brigade made me punch people“, as described by Diplo, we really can’t say enough about this album also known as The Yellow Tape, the band’s first release of anything longer than a single. The hardcore punk is strong with this album, really.

7. Substance – New Order (1987)

This album has quite a different story for Diplo whose girlfriend introduced him to the English alternative dance band New Order.”had a girlfriend that introduced me to cure Depeche Mode and other new wave bands .. I thought the music was soft but then I learned more about the electronic productions and he connection between hip hop and arthur baker. Bizarre love triangle was an obsession for me.” This album compiles all of the band’s singles until 1987. The post-punk and dance nature of Substance was highly acclaimed and later, it ranked number 363 on Rolling Stones list of the 500 greatest albums of all time.

8.Dummy – Portishead (1994)

Just perfect combination of goth and hip hop that made me sad and happy at the same time”, writes Diplo, and this is exactly what we think too. This one-of a kind album can make you cry and laugh in a moment, and it’s so addictive, you’ll love it!  The critically acclaimed album is the mother of popularity for the trip hop genre and is cited in lists of the best albums of the 1990s.

9. Protection – Massive Attack (1994)

This beautiful, soft and sexy album could win anyone’s heart, to be honest! We are stunned as we heard this album for the first time and absolutely want to thank Diplo who said,”Same as Portishead.. the song protection manipulated james brown sample in a way that was hi art to me.” Protection was featured in the top ten of Rolling Stone magazine’s ‘Coolest Albums of All Time List.

10. Ill Communication – Beastie Boys

This album was punk and I loved how they tried to push boundaries whenever they could” Ill Communication became Beastie Boys’ second number-one triple platinum album on the US Billboard 200 albums chart. Rolling Stone included the album in their “Essential Recordings of the 90’s” and Spin ranked it number 19 in its list of the “20 Best Albums Of ’94.”

11. Return Of The Super Ape – Lee Perry& The Upsetters (1978)

Lee perry was my gateway drug into reggae .. before I got heavy into dancehall and all hints Caribbean I was really into dub and lee perry was an actual insane person which makes for good music.Return Of The Super Ape is a reggae studio album produced by Lee Perry, originally released in Jamaica in 1978.

12.Return to the 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version –  Ol’ Dirty Bastard (1995)

 “a lot of east coast hip hop burned into my subconscious because of rap city .. everyday after school I would watch all videos.. groups like black moon . artifacts . Krs one the fugees. Especially wu tang and tribe and fugees. their album were sonic landscapes.” Just as described by Diplo, this bizzarely lyrical and eerie solo debut album of  Wu-Tang Clan member Ol’ Dirty BastardThe Dirty Version peaked at number seven on the Billboard 200 and was nominated for a Grammy award at the 1996 Grammy’s for Best Rap Album. This is some bold hip-hop, we are talking about folks!

I don’t think anyone reading this has any doubts about Diplo’s taste in music anymore. A high school kid listening to music this great? I didn’t think it was possible, really. Well, we listen to Diplo, so it must say something about our taste too, no?