The DJ supposedly threatened her and was overly controlling. WHAT?

Afrojack has been served court papers by ex-girlfriend Lauren Meditz who is demanding USD 25 million, their dog Dory and a Range Rover Sport after revealing some pretty nasty secrets about their relationship.


She claims that the artist was obsessively controlling and on several occasions threatened suicide to get her attention. Meditz recalls many incidents including one where she accused Van de Wall (his real name) of “contacting her incessantly to the point where Meditz neglected her friends and the wedding festivities in order to attend to Wall’s temper tantrum.”

He once threatened to “kill himself by crashing his $550,000 car into a wall” when she refused to see him compete in Gumball 300, a car rally competition. His team has also “attempted to have Meditz become a permanent resident of Holland by creating a fake business for her.” The couple seemed to be happy in their relationship but no one can be sure when it all went downhill.

She was told to quit her job in order to “devoted her time and attention to his personal business,” on the condition that if the agreement was ever dissolved, all of Afrojack’s property, including those acquired during the time of their relationship, would be divided for her benefit.

The duo called it quits in May 2016, when she spent time with her friends instead of being with him backstage, leading him to get angry and ask security to escort her out. He failed to keep his word on the previous agreement and thus this ugly battle will be ensued.

No denial or confirmation has been declared from Afrojack’s team but it looks like the DJ is getting jacked for sure and not in a good way.