Have you ever wondered, if there was a festival made just for you? Have you ever thought of celebrating your kind, your self, and everything YOU, at a festival? We know, that some redhead did – and that is why, we have these festivals that exist to give redheads, their special place on this festival-filled-planet! 

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The colour red, is stunning, and what makes it even more magical, is the fact that it is probably one of the rarest natural hair colours across the population spectrum! In an effort to celebrate this rarity, we’re giving you a list showcasing where and when redheads are celebrated and curated – so here’s our list of the funnest, craziest, and most dedicated redhead festivals you can attend!

1. The Irish Redhead Convention

When: 21-23 August

Where: Crosshaven, Ireland

What started off as a joke between two siblings at a local pub, is now one of the biggest gatherings of redheads across the globe! Currently in its 6th year, the Irish Redhead Convention is organised by Joleen & Denis Cronin, each year, with fun activities, festivities, and events like the Ginger Crawl, a Ginger Dart Game, Mouse Racing, and some redheaded twist to the sombre snakes and ladders known as Snakes & Gingers!

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2. Roodharigendag

When: 4-6 September

Where: Breda, Holland

The original Redhead Day Festival, began with this one! It’s a free festival, and the audience is not limited to the redheads of the world, whether your blonde, brunette, or even bald – you can walk in free too! An entire three day set is lined up for this festival, with fashion shows, street fairs, sexy redhead photo exhibitions, markets, and again, an attempt to create the largest gathering of redheads! The only thing that everyone should remember, is that this festival is as intensely red head, as it could possibly get! So prepare yourself! You can read more about this festival here!

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3. Redhead Days

When: 6-7 June

Where: Highwood, Chicago

Though this is an independent festival, it is one that takes from the previously mentioned Roodharigendag, or the Redhead Day Festival in Holland. As an inaugural festival, this one is hoping to be host to the largest gathering of redheads in the country! In addition to the gathering, there’s going to be a parade, and a carrot cake festival! This festival “can’t wait to paint Highwood RED!”

4. The Ginger Pride

When: TBD 2016

Where: Plymouth, England

Why only support the LGBT community, when the Gingers deserve to be proud too? This is exactly the sentiment that you will experience as an attendee of the Ginger Pride at Plymouth! Though the dates are to be decided soon, this festival promises an exciting array of events. The only condition at this festival this year however, is to wear white! We’re not sure why, but we’re guessing because it’s sexy, and complements that fierce and fiery head!

5. The League of Extraordinary Redhead’s “Night Of The Walking Red”

When: September 2015

Where: New York, USA

The League, has events for redheads throughout the year, including, but not limited to, gatherings for the consumption of alcohol, pumpkin juice etc. One of the most interesting events however, is the Night Of The Walking Red, yes, that is right, an event, where the reds, walk the streets of Troy, New York – and have fun, standing out in a crowd, even under scrupulous scrutiny! The festival has featured screenings of dedicated redhead documentaries, and hosts talks, along with thousands of redheads every year!

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