South Africa’s Burner event, AfrikaBurn, will return for its 2016 edition on April 25 to Tankwa Karoo!

A key feature of all Burning Man events has been the artwork, submitted by various artists all around the world. It has been an integral part of the massive cultural event since its inception, and the works have only become bigger, better and more colourful!

The Sherp has picked a few artworks that have graced AfrikaBurn over the years.

1. Nothing to look at, here!


(Courtesy: Ludovic Ismael)

2. What would your artsy transport look like?

(Courtesy: Francine Nagata / Sean Furlong)

3. “We’re the four best friends that anybody could have!”


(Credits: AfrikaBurn)

4. “On my way to steal your girl”


(Courtesy: AfrikaBurn)

5. And some more art.

(Courtesy: AfrikaBurn)

6. Bask in the silhouette!

(Courtesy: Francine Nagata)

7. Robot Rabbit to the rescue!


(Courtesy: CNN)

8. When you take the phrase “Swimming with the sharks” a little too seriously…


(Courtesy: Ludovic Ismael)

9. Artists are encouraged to use only recycled material in their artworks!

(Courtesy: Sean Furlong / AfrikaBurn)

11. Rock, paper, scissors?


(Courtesy: AfrikaBurn)

We can’t wait to see the artworks that the 2016 edition has in store for us!

(All images courtesy