Sounds disappointing, but the National Cannabis Festival in DC will be more of an educational than recreational experience.

This April 23, history will be created at the RFK Stadium’s festival grounds in Washington DC with a pro-marijuana festival. The festival is an effort by local activists and vendors to de-stigmatize the negative portrayal of Marijuana and its users. The festival will be headlined by Hip-Hop group De La Soul and the bad boys of Go Go, the Backyard Band. The biggest factor probably worth mentioning is the fact that no actual weed/marijuana will be allowed on the festival premises in accordance with state law. Even more interesting is the timing of the festival as just a few days ago, the DC council voted to ban private pot clubs.


The festival will however be a great educational experience for users and non users alike. Cannabis related products such as a scent-proof handbag from AnnaBis or even a can of the hemp-seed infused Cannabis Energy Drink will be sold within the premises. Also, since weed cultivation is now legal, the Adams Morgan hydroponics company Wash Hydro will be giving out nutrient samples as well as information on how to grow your own cannabis plants.



In a cautious and tactical move, the NCF has made sure to hire a team of “evangelists” who will make sure no unauthorized consumption of marijuana happens on the grounds while also reminding them that they’re on the same side of the movement. “We need to honor the work of these advocacy groups,” says festival organizer Caroline Phillips. “Doing anything illegal might set back their work by a decade.” This also goes to show the frailty of the weed legalization law which only allows anyone over 21 to possess a small amount as long as it is not displayed in public.

What are your thoughts on these laws? Do you support the National Cannabis Festival’s movement? Let us know!