Death and rape are now common occurrences at music festivals. What has the world come to?

With recent reports of sexual assault on the rise in various music festivals all across Sweden, T in The Park is the latest to have reports of two deaths and the rape of an 18 year old. 

The two 17 year old teenagers who died at the festival have been named as Megan Bell and Peter McCallum. While police are trying to identify the causes of the deaths, they were not linked to each other. Although suspicious, they have come to a conclusion that the deaths were drug related. Since then, the attendees have been warned of a fake batch of ecstasy pills doing the rounds which might have caused the deaths.

The festival organizers have setup “Amnesty Bins” all over the venue and encouraging people to dump their drugs in there.

Adding to the shocking event, there was also reports of an 18 year old girl being raped at the campsite venue. Police were seen cordoning off the area where the crime took place. Forensic evidence was obtained from the crime scene as police launched an investigation into the case.

An estimated 80,000 people attended the festival this year, the largest attendance ever for the country of Scotland. It’s shocking how in the past one month there has been such a huge rise in sexual assault cases all over music festivals. It’s high time someone took some hard measures to ensure this doesn’t repeat in the future!