You know what’s better than food and music? Food and music, together. East Coast organic food chain Sweetgreen gets this absolutely right with Sweetflife Festival.

The last two days of May will see gourmet and melody heavens fuse together to give a festival each one of us really wants. Sure, music festivals all have food joints. But to offer food and music on equal footing is right up Sweetlife’s sleeve. As the festival unfolds into a two-day setup at Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia, let The Sherp tell you why this festival is an absolute must attend!

Sweetgreen’s organic loving

As a food brand, Sweetgreen has ascended the level of mere provision to a lifestyle that promotes health, sustenance and values farmer relationships. This is perhaps why the food chain has gained prominent respect from consumers seeking food that’s sourced with a lot of care and empathy. A festival associated with a healthy brand deserves attention, for the pure message!


Food curation

The food curated at the Sweetlife festival is carefully thought over and put together, as you can gauge from Sweetgreen’s Facebook. It’s not your regular fast food hastily packed into plastic packs that you’re prone to find at most festivals in general. But by bringing together carefully chosen food vendors, the food items on display are an assortment of various organic elements coming together, like roasted corn, basils, and fresh strawberries for example. If that doesn’t sound satisfying, we don’t know what will?





Delicious line-up

Sweetlife began as a local food festival, armed with indie, underground bands. Over the years it has grown into a full-fledged event, featuring some of the biggest musical acts of the year. In its sixth edition, the festival has Kendrick Lamar, Calvin Harris, Pixies, The Weekend, Billy Idol, Tove Lo, Phantogram, Banks and St. Paul and the Broken Bones. It’s a full-fledged musical affair, with a legitimate food line-up to hoot with. If this can read so well on paper, it will definitely be better live.



Sweetlife’s Purpose

What makes attending Sweetlife a more worthwhile experience than any other festival is its positive message of a healthier lifestyle, a part of which is the ‘Sweetgreen in schools’ programme, through which the festival promotes better eating habits among school children. Along with that, their refillable water stations are a only a step forward for their sustaining lifestyle. But it’s not all food and music. Armed with play arenas, and fun activities, Sweetlife is one wholesome experience you wouldn’t want to miss.



(all images courtesy: Sweetgreen and Sweetlife