Need a good travel playlist? No sweat!

World-class electronic producer, Eric Prydz, has curated a special playlist for those long journeys, courtesy of his bi-weekly radio show titled, ‘Epic Radio’. The playlist was put together for the 21st episode of the radio show, broadcast in Frankfurt, Germany, which got back on the air after the Swedish DJ’s extensive tour in India and Australia. With all the travelling, Prydz seems to still be in the whole ‘tourist’ mindset, coming up with this playlist as a result. Dubbed by the producer himself as “the perfect travel music”, the star encouraged listeners to play it in the car while they travel to work.

What stands out as one of the most exciting songs on the playlist is Prydz’s very own remix of his own 2014 hit song, “Liberate”. Although the original version of the song became one of the most captivating selections on the artist’s 2016 hypnotic album ‘Opus’, this new remix branches out on a new direction all together.


What so remarkable about this Swedish DJ is his own take on his songs are equally as masterful as the originals, showing a work of true genius!

Speaking about his new “Liberate” remix, Prydz said, “As a lot of you know, the video for ‘Liberate’ was shot in Australia and while I was there now touring, I thought it would be a good idea to make an updated version of this track that would fit into the kind of music that I like playing right now.”

The DJ continued his tradition of ending his radio show with a throwback from his childhood, playing Erasure’s 1986 release, “L’Amour”. The song showcases the musical styles that influenced the DJ into becoming the top artist he is today. Listen to it here:

Check out the playlist below:


1. ID – ID 00.31
2. Miguel Bastida – Ecos (Tim Engelhardt Remix) 08.58
3. Eric Prydz – Liberate (E’s Remix) 12.55
4. Nocturna – Pigmental 19.58
5. Guy Mantzur – Blooming Fields 27.15
6. Einmusik – Prestine 32.11
7. Weepee – Slow 39.13
8. Quivver – Brand New Medicine 43.54
9. ID – ID 49.30
10. Einmusik – Tormenta 54.38
11. Jerome Isma-Ae, Alastor – Fiction (Kris Davis Extended Remix) 59.03
12. Michael Cassette – Pangaea (Envotion Remix) 66.20
13. Erasure – Oh L’Amour 73.06