From the 20th of June onwards, till the 22nd – on the Great Wall of China, the YinYang Music Festival is set to become the most interesting platform for the underground music scene of Asia this weekend! 

Image Courtesy: YinYang Music Festival Facebook

We at Festival Sherpa take pride in introducing our readers to the weirdest/coolest/most amazeballs and yet, unsung and underrated festivals from the shiftiest crevices of the world. Ergo, we love discovering new festivals. And we love enthusing about them to you. Here’s this week’s fix of quirky for you:

The YinYang Music Festival’s Second Edition, this year, hopes to bring together the best, and finest in the electronic music scene of China, and abroad. While the festival’s website claims it to possess “high-quality, noncommercial, underground electronic dance music”, it is also the point of convergence for both musical talent within China, and Chinese culture!

Great Wall Flickr

(Image Courtesy: Flickr)

Hosted at the Huang Ya Guan Great Wall, the YinYang Music Festival boasts a line up of around 50 quality, underground music producers and DJs from China, and a couple more from around the world with headliners Juno Reactor, Adam Swain, and Sulumi, all prepped up and ready to make the most historic landmark, in the region, their venue to get ravin’, though this might seem like a small-line up; the limited ticket numbers (2000 ONLY! – Get your ticket here!) ensures that every attendee gets their money’s worth!

Juno Reactor For YinYang

This festival is not just any other music festival that might play residence to DJs scratching up tunes while you dance the night away, at the YinYang Music Festival’15, you can do a whole lot more than that – here’s The Sherp’s list of reasons that might convince you to head over to the YinYang Music Festival 2015;

1. The Outdoor + All Night Experience

YinYang People 3

The YinYang Festival is the only one in China, that has permission to continue through the night, and has facilities to camp out on the Great Wall through the night, while the music is high, and the night sky shines over those beautiful bricked façades.

2. The Dragon Boat Festival

Dragon Boat YinYang

(Image Courtesy: SwainDestinations)

The music festival, this year, coincides with the infamous Dragon Boat Festival of China, which is one of the most deeply rooted, cultural and traditional festivals of China, featuring hundreds and thousands of colourful, decorated, and awe-inspiring boats that race across the waterways of the country, only a short distance from the Great Wall! If you’re feeling a little culture-y, go ahead and check out the Dragon Boat Festival during your time at the YinYang Music Festival with one of their pre-organised shuttles!

3. BYOB!


(Image Courtesy: SideDish.DMagazine)

While most music festivals flout expensive bars and restaurant outlets to serve you food, drinks, and overpriced water – this festival is the only one of its kind that solicits a Bring Your Own Booze policy, which, we feel – should do the trick in upping the ante (Considering everyone tries to sneak in cheap booze everywhere they go) Here! You don’t have to hide that miniature you’ve stuffed somewhere in your clothing!

4. Do Whatever You Want! 


Yes, quite literally, the YinYang Music Festival is a space where everyone can collaborate, or begin independent projects, workshops, and even break out into dance at the fire space – there’s tons of things that happen at the festival, that only a walk along the Great Wall will help you find out!

And of course, the quality music, and the ability to just dance on the Great Wall of China without being kicked out by the cops.

(All Festival Images Courtesy: YinYang Music Festival Facebook)