And by that we do not mean non-alcoholic!


India’s favorite DJ duo, Lost Stories, have been killing the scene with their unconventional approach all the time! And now, Prayag & Rishab unite with the popular clothing brand Superdry to deliver you deep and dark melodies which are belting at the same time!

Superdry is a unique urban clothing brand that fuses Japanese graphics and vintage Americana with the incomparable British tailoring. You can find Superdry stores all across USA, Europe, Australia, South America and Asia.

So prepare your ears for a new dawn of music and soundscapes you’ve never witnessed before – sounds that will get the floor roaring with the fresh vigor from far flung worlds. The opening act is yet to be announced.

Also, if you want to win a free back door entry follow @SuperdryIndia and @Lost_Stories_PM on Twitter! And ladies, if you are feverishly excited to see these hotties perform in vintage Superdry apparel, we have some good news! Women walk in free! Yay!


If you are as thrilled as The Sherp is, then head straight to:

Saturday, July 6 2013: blueFROG, Mumbai