From adventure sports to a kite festival, Asia’s biggest electronic dance music festival will have something for everyone at its upcoming outing 


1. Football Zorbing

Rolling around inside a giant rubber ball at a music festival, can very well be a highlight of your experience. Now imagine playing football while you’re at it.

football zorbing



2. Bungee Jumping

Nothing gives you an adrenalin rush like some good ol’ bunjee jumping.

bunjee jumping

3. Giant Wheel

Riding the giant wheel is definitely one of the most popular things to do at Sunburn Goa, for obvious reasons of course.

giant wheel

4. Mechanical Bull

Fancy testing your endurance levels? Try staying on the mechanical bull for more than 30 seconds at least!

mechanical bull


5. Adventure Tower with Zipline

Imagine gliding through Vagator Beach like this!!

adventure line


6. Kite Festival

Amidst all the madness, there’s even a kite flying festival you can take part in. You can also learn how to make  personalised kites at a kite-making workshop to be held everyday from 4 to 5 pm.Workshop details to be announced soon.

Kite flying festival


7. Sprinkler Tunnels

To help you cool off, between sets.

(Image Courtesy : )


8. The Drum Circle with Anand Bhagat

Test your sense of rhythm by taking part in this wonderful workshop by Anand Bhagat, everyday from 5 to 7pm. Registration details will be out soon.


9. Happy Hours at the Bar Stage

Get to the venue early to avail an awesome 1 + 1 offer on drinks at the Bar Stage (from 1pm to 3pm everyday).

 bar stage

10. Get Inked

Decorate yourself with all the body-art you want at Sunburn Goa. There will be tonnes of tattoo artistes waiting to try out their designs on you.

sunburn tattoo

And much more…

Get your tickets to the Sunburn Goa, NOW!

(All Images Courtesy : Sunburn Goa/Facebook)

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