The performance will be taking place next month and you shouldn’t miss it.

The National Centre for the Performing Arts has played host to many spectacular productions and they are branching out to have musical shows to cater to melody maniacs like us.

After the very successful One World Many Musics performance in October 2016, the Centre will have a special performance by Sanjay Divecha, a cross-genre artist, and his band “Sanjay & Secret”. The band will be playing jazz music from Divecha’s album “Full Circle” as well as their new collaborative album “Secret”. The show will take place on the 14th of January, 2017, at the Experimental Theatre at 7 p.m.


The band has been formed by Divecha himself and he sticks to fusion between folk genres like Carnatic and Hindustani with African and Brazilian music that adds so much more dimension than one would anticipate. The group pays tribute to the Indian classics with a Western twist, a format which is booming in the global music scene right now. The ensemble features Sanjay on the guitars, Chandana Bala and Raman Mahadevan as the lead vocalists, Indrajit Sharma on the keyboard, Sanket Naik on the percussions and Sonu S. on the electric bass. 

Divecha is an artist who has also played at the New Orleans Jazz Festival, Hollywood Bowl and has performed with artists like Carlos Santana, Angelique Kidjo, Michael McDonald, Fred Raulston, Louis Johnson, Sambaguru and more. Buddy, if you know jazz (or Santana’s “Smooth”), you know that those names are quite impressive.

Don’t miss the concert which will introduce you to the world of global music and give you the chance to try something new in 2017! Buy the tickets here now.