We got Armin Van Buuren to let us in on his plans for Sunburn 10.

Without a doubt the world’s most popular DJ, Armin Van Buuren has been around in the industry for ions. He continues to inspire several pros and newbies around the world with his undying perfection and dedication towards his music and his fans. Few in the world may not have heard his name, but for the remaining majority – he’s a living legend. The Sherp was blessed to catch him for a little chat and here’s what he had to say before his big night at Sunburn 10.

Credits: facebook.com/arminvanbuuren

The Sherp: Hey Armin, great to have you back in India. How does it feel to perform here again?

Armin: It feels amazing. Every time I’m in India, I get blown away. The crowd is simply amazing.

The Sherp: Sunburn is entering its 10th season with a brand new venue. How special has your Sunburn experience been over the years?

Armin: I’ve been a part of various Sunburn shows and line-ups and I can honestly say that there’s nothing like it. I’ve always enjoyed returning to Sunburn, simply because it’s got the complete package of music, crowd and atmosphere. I think that this 10th season is a testament to the insane experience they’ve kept going over the years.

The Sherp: A legend like yourself could surely give some valuable advice to budding producers across the world. What’s the one best tip you would like to share.

Armin: The road to success is more like a mountain trail. You’ll slip on a loose boulder, hit a dead end while climbing, or come tumbling down the slopes once or twice because your grip wasn’t strong enough. But as long as you pick yourself up afterwards and keep trying to find another way, you are destined to reach the top. Also, it might not hurt to surround yourself with professional mountain climbers who can show you the ropes. Keep learning and never give up.

Credits: facebook.com/arminvanbuuren

The Sherp: With so many genres being played across so many stages at Sunburn this year, how important do you think it is to have a balanced line-up while organising a festival like this.

Armin: When you promise a multitude of genres to your fans, you have to deliver. And that’s where the balanced line-up comes in. Also, it is worth noting that a balanced line-up also allows the crowd to discover a style of music that they wouldn’t listen to otherwise. I like the fact that festivals such as Sunburn allow their attendees to do this.

The Sherp: You’re a family guy and you tour all year round at the biggest events across the globe. How do you manage time for family and other things?

Armin: It’s really hard to juggle my time between career and family. Luckily, I’ve got the full support of my family, as well as an amazing team around me. They are all there to help me balance out the little time I have so that it all works out in the end.

Credits: facebook.com/arminvanbuuren

The Sherp: Who’s your favourite festival buddy?

Armin: Anyone who has come to see me play is my favourite festival buddy!

The Sherp: What’s the one thing you never leave your home without?

Armin: Ear plugs. Got to protect your hearing!

The Sherp: Any Indian artists you would love to collaborate with?

Armin: As long as their ideas are good, I’m willing to work with anyone. I can’t wait to see what the Indian music culture can teach me.