The already gorgeous city of Sydney has been illuminated by the fantastic Vivid Light Festival.

In a combination of technology, culture, music and art the Vivid Light Festival has taken over the Australian metropolis, turning historical and culturally significant structures into canvases for some of the world’s most advanced light based illuminations and artwork we’ve seen. 150 artists from 23 countries have contributed to this massive lights festival, bringing to ‘light’ native Australian culture and edgy graffiti work.  Museums, botanical gardens, government buildings and even the  famous Sydney Opera House being being focused, no grand monument has been left in the dark with over 90 installations lighting up the Aussie city for the next three weeks!

1. The majestic Sydney Opera House and it’s multi-faceted curves have been strategically used to highlight the many faces of this piece of Native Australian artpiece by Donny Woolagoodja. 

(Image : CNN Traveller)

(Image : CNN Travel)


2. The grand display water fountain display is an amalgamation of jets, water walls and laser lights.

(Image : CNN Travel/

(Image : CNN Travel/


3. The illuminated Royal Botanic Garden



4. “The Matter Of Painting”



5. Engulfing lights at The Royal Botanic Gardens, through which you can take a glittering journey that is in the direction of the Opera House.

sydney light festivals Jason Reed Reuters


6. The National Maritime Musuem was a spectacle to behold!


7. The best thing about the Vivid Festival are the glorious light based arts installation planted in unassuming places around the city.




9. The Sydney Harbour it all its glory!