Don’t Let Daddy Know’s first foray into the Indian subcontinent was nothing short of mind-blowing! With world-class production, stellar acts and a killer vibe, DLDK India will go down in history as one of the best stadium gigs the country has had till now!

Don’t believe us? Well, pictures speak a thousand words, and we have some for you right here.

1. First things first: the stage. WHAT A STAGE.

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2. CO2. Streamers. Lasers. Pyrotechnics. Lights. DLDK India had it all.

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3. The artists basked in all the madness like the pros they are.

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4. The gig wasn’t without its posters by ardent fans.

13346282_1156623591027619_3114463074033055431_o 13340119_1156623474360964_9069799832854421917_o

13320721_1156622447694400_4892406798444174473_o 13329331_1156622601027718_2890587681416343616_o


5. Third Party performed what was probably the best set of the evening.


6. And, of course, Steve Angello’s much-awaited return was worth every penny.

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7. We think the fire depicts just how lit DLDK was.


(All above images courtesy DLDK India / Facebook)

8. Social media was lit too.

We genuinely can’t wait for DLDK India next year! Big ups to Ferriswheel Entertainment for putting up such a stellar show!