Science backs up Burning Man.

Burning Man has been providing a unique area of self expression and freedom since several years with many claiming to have “transformative experiences.” “What are these experiences and how do they affect Burners?” you may ask. Well, thanks to a team of psychologists, neuroscientists, and anthropologists working in collaboration with the Black Rock City Census we might just be able to get an answer to that.

In 2015, attendees were asked some basic questions in the online BRC Census survey about the transformations they went through on the playa. As depicted in the graph below, almost 20% of people said they “absolutely” had a transformative experience at Burning Man, and more than 75% of people said they had an at least “somewhat” transformative experience.









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Funded by the Templeton Foundation, a granting agency devoted to exploring the intersection of science and spirituality, the researchers hope to shed light on what happens when people experience profound changes in their lives.