Someone finally asked Axwell the reason behind his name!

We’ve all wondered time and again, about the names of so many musicians and the stories behind them, haven’t we? Now at least we know how Axwell got his name!

In the all-new episode of Vh1 Inside Access, an inquisitive host asked Axwell where he got his stage name from and he replied,”Well you know, in school, we just gave each other names, nick names all the time. And mine actually evolved from when I started to make music. My real name is Axel, so it just came from there. Axel, Axelars, Uxel and then it went to Maxwell House for a little bit and then it just came down to Axwell.

Sven Axel Christofer Hedfors is the real moniker of our beloved Swedish DJ and producer Axwell. He is currently a member of Swedish House Mafia along with Sebastian Ingrosso.

Moreover, when asked about his plans if he had not become a DJ, he answered, “I would probably be like a computer nerd of some sort. I am that now! That’s what I am. You know, that’s kinda how I got into music. Just from being interested in computers.


Thanks to the show, we also know what’s ahead in Axwell’s pipeline! He replied to questions about his future, “27th of January, a new song coming out – called “I love you”. That’s not gonna be nice. Actually the lyrics are very cool because it goes like ‘I love you but I don’t like you right now.’ That’s unfortunately the drawback of love. There’s plenty of hate coming with that.

For those who were dying to know about his favourite Indian food, he revealed,”You know, actually, here, it’s garlic naan and butter chicken!”   

Be sure to watch the next episode of Vh1 Inside Access on Sunday, 22nd January, 8 PM onwards only on Vh1.