Steve Aoki is a man of many antics and his cake throwing acts have to be on the top of the list! 

Steve Aoki has been on the DJ scene for a while now and his live shows are nothing short of a mad frenzied carnival! Right from huge neon figurines armed with CO2 cannons, an inflatable boat and the most infamous – those massive cakes! Anyone who has ever witnessed an Aoki concert in action knows the role those delicious slabs of cakes play. No one gets to eat them; instead they are hurled at some lucky (or not lucky) audience member at full speed by the DJ himself. And over the years, his aim has gotten VERY good.


The first cake came down in 2011, when after watching a video by AutoErotique, Aoki got inspired to cake people in the crowd. Once the act became universal at all his shows, people started making signs and lining up in the front to make him cake them! Given the fun aspect of the ritual, the internet has some memorable caking videos with the Asian DJ in it!

With Budweiser presents Electric Daisy Carnival making its foray into India on the 12th and 13th November 2016, Steve Aoki has a message for all his fans! Everyone must be wondering if he’s going to bring out the mega cakes to his headlining performance at the festival. To that question, he has asked all his fans to show up with signs at the gig and then you’ll probably be treated to the delicious and creamy splat on your face! 

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