Imagine being at a festival where everyone’s pen flashed and changed color in synchronization with the music or performance? 

Remember Coldplay’s Mylo Xyloto tour a few years back? Turning a festival into the spectacle is one of the hardest acts to achieve. Music is the binding crux that provides you with the core experience but there are other factors that enhance your festival experience and Sony have done just that.

DSC00706 (1)


Introducing ‘FreFlow’, a brand new festival accessory that changes colors on being controlled by a primary device, this new accessory, still in its prototype phase, will synchronize the colors on your wristband in accordance with the music that’s playing around you. This creates a performance in itself, as the light pulses with the beat of the music or the color changes as the artists begins a new song. The color of the light can also be changed individually by hand.

Having been field tested at a number of concerts in Japan last year, FreFlow is just steps away from going into production.  Here’s a short clip of FreFlow in a field test at a gig in Japan:

The producers of FreFlow are in the process of deciding on a market strategy for merchandising FreFlow.  After both concerts there was positive feedback in the desire to buy the product if it was available for purchase. This could be a communication tool to create a new area in music entertainment.

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