Snapchat, are you listening? It’s me, average music festival goer.

Snapchat lets you cover your life (no matter how plain and boring) in real time. It’s the perfect way to know what your friends are up to (read: repeatedly stalk) and realise that dog filters really can make life better. Also, it’s one of the few ways to let people know that you are at a music festival. And you are having fun.

(By Liam Deenan)

So here’s a list of things that Snapchat can start doing to make going to festivals so much more fun.

1. Make Snapchat authentic again!

You might be used to sprouting adorable dog ears but it’s time that Snapchat brings on some authenticity. To be honest, rainbows are the last thing coming out of your mouth after a night of heavy drinking, so we think a filter that lets you puke it out for real is in order. Or you could just take a normal video.


2. Extend your stories for more than 24 hours

This can only be great for everyone! Regular boring people maybe snapchatting their make and OOTDs, but you fabulous and exciting human are at a music festival! It is only fair that the app should give your stories some more attention so as to give everyone more time to appreciate how much fun you are having!


3. Block some contacts after you’ve had more than three beers

Now this can include your ex, your brother, your boss and just about anyone else who you don’t want finding out about the hedonistic acts that you will be gleefully committing. After all, your family doesn’t need to see you doing jelly shots off the abs of some random guy. Nope.


4. Make your friends look a little ugly


Yes, you might be captioning the picture #BFFLove, you obviously don’t want your friends to look…better than you. And that’s completely okay! Your Story, your rules.

5. Tell you what band is playing on the main stage so that you don’t have to check


Yes, okay some people might actually be at the festival for music, but you’re a little above that now. So when people ask you what band was playing behind you during the 14th video of the day that you put up, you know what to say!

6. Let you know who else in the festival is wearing the same outfit as you

Just like you, everyone else at the festival is probably going to be taking loads of photos. So it obviously cannot be that difficult for the app to identify pieces of clothing and let you know who else happens to be wearing the same outfit as you. And if they could also provide with their location, that would be very nice. This way you can completely avoid running into them!


P.S. This MIGHT just be a tad bit confusing as mostly everyone in music festivals is dressed in almost identical outfits, but you can always try!