If you haven’t already heard the latest EP of Smileswithteeth, you must check it out pronto!

Late last month, we brought to your attention the hottest new EP that’s been doing the constant rounds on our playlist. Gabriel Gutierrez a.k.a Smileswithteeth launched his latest EP via Knowmad Records, titled ‘Suddenly Constantly’, and the first single “We Fight In The Prettiest Places”, garnered a lot of attention.

Early this month, the anticipated EP finally made its full appearance, complete with the 4 tracks that compile it. The EP is a sonic resonance that takes you on a journey of realization through the downers of a messed up relationship, and leaves you hanging in tranquil unrest, expecting a positive turn. The sounds that make the music of Smileswithteeth an artist to watch out for, does justice in bringing these emotions to the forefront.

‘Suddenly Constantly’ is inspired by a series of tragic events, which Smileswithteeth reflects upon in his EP. “‘Suddenly Constantly’ is about/for my girlfriend, we broke up a couple weeks ago, almost exactly a year after taking the terrible trip that sparked these four songs in the first place. It’s hard to care for someone without hurting them, and it’s hard to build back trust that was lost. But the reward for doing so is incredible, overwhelming, beautiful, sudden and constant”, explains Smileswithteeth.

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