Skrillex is on a roll this year and we are flipping!

Just a day after the world celebrated the American EDM producer and DJ’s birthday, Skrillex has presented us with an eleven minute long documentary and it is an absolute sight for sore eyes!

Recently, we listened to his latest offering in the form of “Make War“, a song that he has sung and co-produced with his former band ‘From First To Last‘ after almost 10 years and we couldn’t have asked for a better way to continue loving Sonny John Moore aka Skrillex than to watch his journey, and feel inspired.

The mini documentary entitled “The Same Place”, filmed and edited by Jas Davis and James Winterhalter, follows Skrillex around the world, documenting all the crazy adventures that take place, during headlining big music festivals to just casually playing guitar, dancing, laughing and just walking among people and singing in the streets.There are hardly any dialogues, it’s just a riveting journey with Skrillex’s own hits playing in the background showcasing him taking over the world with his music.

Around 7 minutes into the video, Skrillex can be seen delivering a speech to aspiring producers which goes :

“Maybe there’s no science in what it takes to be called a musician because this wasn’t called music a couple years ago. The first time I went to the Grammys, people were still like ‘Why is this guy at the Grammys? He’s not making music.’ Make music for the 16 year old inside yourself, even when you’re 50 years old. Fuck the craft. Everyone can learn how to do this shit. Cultivate your own thing, stick together, and just do that. Have some fun, make some music. If it’s fun – that’s all that matters…I’m having fun. I’m in the same room you’re all sitting in right now. I’m in the same place you guys are.”

Whether you have been following Skrillex’s journey for long or you’ve just become a fan, you have to watch this video,  like right now!