It was Skrillex’s birthday yesterday and he generously gifted us a new song!

Sonny Moore, known professionally as Skrillex, is filled with surprises. Growing up, Sonny Moore joined the post-hardcore band ‘From First to Last’ as their lead singer in 2004 and recorded two studio albums with the band. He left the band and decided to pursue a solo career in 2007 and has been garnering love worldwide as Skrillex ever since!

On his 29th birthday (yesterday), he decided to give all of us EDM lovers and his die-hard fans a new song by reuniting with his old band From First To Last in the form of “Make War”. The song has just become active on Spotify and iTunes. After almost 10 long years, Skrillex has joined hands with his former band and things couldn’t get more exciting, tbh!

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The occasional songwriter, Skrillex has provided the lead vocals, co-wrote the song and even co-produced it! Do you even need more reasons to listen to the song?

We all know he rarely provides vocals for music, as the need to get a surgery done on his vocal chords was the reason for him to leave his band.

Moreover, he is listed as one of the members on the band’s newly-created Instagram account. So, are these the current members of From First To Last? We are rooting out for more from them!